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Dear All

I have strange problem with some of my users.
The problem is when a user open any email and he wants to replay to the sender he can not see the original message,
and he have to type it again. this problem happened with 30 users,
But when the same user try to use other pcs its fine.

This mean that the problem with the user pc itself???

Waiting your help please.

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anyware-mzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to swicht on "use http-proxy over http 1.1 requests" I don't know if this is the correct english translation because I'm german. :-)

Which proxy do you use?
If you use Internet Explorer try switching on "tls" and don't use any proxy as some proxies have difficulties with owa.
yaa its the problem iwth the pc.this is a basic troubleshooting step

with OWA
It says that if user has problem then ask the user to signin from another machine and see if the problem is solved.if so then u have narrowed the problem and the problem is with the system and not the user.

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ibmas4002Author Commented:
Dear anyware-mz

When i remove the proxy its fine.
but some users are using thr proxy without any problem
please advise.

The setting "anyware-mz" is refering to is in Tools, Internet Options, Advanced. Under HTTP 1.1 options "Use HTTP 1.1 through Proxy Connections".

It is almost certainly the proxy server that is causing the problem. If the proxy is on your network then try bypassing the proxy settings for the OWA address for all machines - set it by Group Policy.
It sounds like the proxy isn't handling the requests correctly. Which proxy application is it?

If it is ISA then I will spend the rest of the day laughing.

ibmas4002Author Commented:
Dear All

Its ISA 2000 , its working fine for others,
is is virus ???

Thanks for you guys

It's not a virus. Apply all Feature Realeses and Service Packs to the ISA, then it should work.
@Sembee: Thanks for translating... ;-)
ibmas4002Author Commented:
Thanks  anyware-mz

It worked with me

Thanks for all of you guys.

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