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What Software development area to choose?

Hello Experts,

I want some experts suggetions on choosing a right Software development area.
Presently I am planning to start a small Software development company in India
with few developers.

I came from Software development background with 3 years of experience in developing
applications in Windows platform using C/C++. Now I am analysing different areas
of development where long term feature as well as requirements exists.

As my business is small one, I am not in favour of Product development as it takes
lot of time for development and requires more marketing plans. At Present I am
planning to provide development services to small and medium businesses.

As per my present analysis I have option to choose one or more of the following fields:

1. E-Commerce development
   combinations of Perl, PHP, MySql in linux
   .Net Technologies (ASP, SQL) in windows

2. Database development/Accounting
   Access, SQL, Oracle ...

3. System side development
   C/C++, MFC, System programming, Device drivers

I think there is less scope for system side development in Software services, as
most of the required products comes with OS itself or for free downloads. So I am
interested in either E-Commerce or Database side.

Whatever the field I choose, it should not take lot of time to learn and develop.
I should be in a position to get some works within 3 to 6 months period. Acquiring
technical knowledge is not a problem for me. What I require is clear ideas towards
particular field of development, technologies to be acquired, time required.

I need some suggetions from experts.

Thank you,
1 Solution
I would suggest E-Commerce development on Microsoft Platform. These days there is an increasing demand for E-Commerce solutions based on Microsoft technologies, especially .NET

Are you aiming for local business or off-shore business.

Local business would demand local knowledge so that ruloes me out. If you are aiming at off-shore work then consider the kind of company who would be prepared to go off-shore. These are generally large companies with large budgets and a small core of technical people. I'd guess you'd need as many of the following attributes as possible:

1. Proven track record.
2. Clear and open accountability.
3. System integration knowledge.
4. Significant financial backing.

Clearly (1) would be a bit tough at your stage unless yopu can employ someone to bring this on-board.

(2) would come with a good accountant/director.

(3) suggests Java, .Net.

(4) is up to you.


P.S. Data storage is a 'new' thing that I believe will grow. With the current terrorist climate I would suspect that effective backup/failover systems would be a good service to sell overseas.

    Ok start with e-commerce and then go to telecom side. B'cus now there is good market for e-commerce and web application but telecom area is the area where lot of development is going to do and you can tell that it is evergreen area and you can get more money and it is also related to C,C++ so you can boost it well b'cus you have good experince.

  Now when you start with e-commece you choose DOTNET and from this you can earn good money then you can enlarge you comapny related to Telecom so you can get good scop.

  Best Luck. God give you greate success.
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