problem when using windows server 2003

HI expert,

I recently upgrade to windows server 2003.  Everything is working fine, but one small issue is when i'm trying to use client FTP to connection to FTP server I have no luck.  It's work great on windows XP, but not on windows server 2003.  I'm not sure this is something must do to security or firewall protection.  I turn off firewall try to logon ftp, but still no luck.  Would someone advise me.   Thanks

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EmptyoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you upgrade from Windows 2000?

Are you sure ftp is up and running on the server? Try connecting to ftp while you are on the server

Go to a command prompt and type:

ftp localhost

If you then get asked for a username and password, or get no errors and connected to ftp, then ftp is working as it should locally
DeanHarris1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of Windows 2003 server are you running?
princeofemAuthor Commented:
Thanks I found a solution...
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