Fill a String


Is there a way to fill a string with say 6 spaces ie
CString str= Fill(6, " ")
or do I have to write it myself
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Jaime OlivaresConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
To construct directly, just use:

CString s(' ', 6);

If you want to assign to another string:

CString s = "whatever";
s = CString(' ', 6);
It would be easier for a char* using memset. Add one additional space which you replace with the terminating 0 afterwards:

char* cs = new char[7];
memset (cs, ' ', 7);
*cs[6] = '0x0';

CString str = cs;
delete [] cs;

void Fill  (CString& str, char cFill, int nCount)
    char* cs = str.GetBufferSetLength (nCount);
    memset (cs, cFill, nCount);
    str.ReleaseBuffer (nCount);
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
CString s("      ");  //s contains 6 spaces
Dj_Fx8Author Commented:
Thanks for all your replies, I'm will award the points to Jaime as his answer is a simple one line of code and best answers my question
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Those points are walking too slow. ;-P
Thanks anyway!
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