Unknown Error (80040064) When Saving a RecordSet to XML DOMDocument40 using adPersistXML

I am getting an error that I need to prevent, in an ASP Web Application that I am writting.

I get it when I save an ADO2.8 RecordSet (From SQL7) to an XML DOMDocument40 using adPersistXML
The error only seems to occur when the RecordSet goes above a certain number of records

The error is "Persistance Provider Unknown Error" 80040064

It does not however occur when I host the Web Application on a different machine.
The machine on which the error occurs is Win2000 Server - SP4
The machine on which it works is Win2000 Prof - SP4
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what is the Max recordset size that you seem to be able to save?

Can you show the code that you are using in your ASP page?

The value -2147418094 corresponds to the decimal representation of the error code; 80010012 corresponds to the hexadecimal representation of the same code. This code is documented in the Microsoft Visual C++ header file Winerror.h. To locate the error code, search for the hexadecimal representation of the error code (that is, 80010012). The following is an excerpt from Winerror.h, which describes this error:    //
   // MessageId: RPC_E_SERVER_DIED_DNE
   // MessageText:
   //  The callee (server [not server application]) is not available
   //  and disappeared; all connections are invalid.  The call did not
   //  execute.
   #define RPC_E_SERVER_DIED_DNE            _HRESULT_TYPEDEF_(0x80010012L)
Winerror.h is included with Microsoft Visual C++ and is also provided with the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library.

NOTE: Automation errors that are specific to a server application are not listed in Winerror.h. If you do not find the error code in Winerror.h, check the documentation for the server application. Usually, with application-specific errors, the last 4 digits of the hexadecimal representation of the error code refer to the application specific error.
Use FormatMessage
You can use the FormatMessage API function to determine the message text associated with an automation error code. The sample function below illustrates how you can use FormatMessage to obtain the message text:    Option Explicit


   Private Declare Function FormatMessage Lib "kernel32" Alias _
      "FormatMessageA" ( ByVal dwFlags As Long, lpSource As Long, _
      ByVal dwMessageId As Long, ByVal dwLanguageId As Long, _
      ByVal lpBuffer As String, ByVal nSize As Long, Arguments As Any) _
      As Long

   Private Function MessageText(lCode As Long) As String
       Dim sRtrnCode As String
       Dim lRet As Long

       sRtrnCode = Space$(256)
       lRet = FormatMessage(FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM, 0&, lCode, 0&, _
                 sRtrnCode, 256&, 0&)
       If lRet >0 Then
          MessageText = Left(sRtrnCode, lRet)
          MessageText = "Error not found."
       End If

   End Function
The next example illustrates how you can use this function with your automation code. In this example, Microsoft Excel is the server application. Referencing a workbook object once it is destroyed (or closed) generates the error. To illustrate how to use the MessageText function, this example purposely generates an automation error by referencing a workbook object after the workbook has been closed: Dim xl As Object
   Dim book As Object
   Dim sMsg As String

   Set xl = CreateObject("excel.application")
   Set book = xl.workbooks.Add
   book.Close False
   On Error Resume Next
   Debug.Print book.Name  '<-Generates an automation error because the
                          '  workbook referenced by the book object has
                          '  been closed.

   If Err.Number <>0 Then

       sMsg = MessageText(Err.Number)
       MsgBox "Automation Error " & vbCr & Err.Number & _
              " (" & Hex(Err.Number) & ")" & vbCr & sMsg

   End If
   On Error GoTo 0
   Set xl = Nothing
Referencing the book object after the workbook is destroyed generates the run-time error -2147418094 (80010012). This is the message text returned by FormatMessage for this particular error:

The callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call did not execute.
NOTE: The FormatMessage function does not return errors that are specific to an application.
Use "Error Lookup"
Microsoft Visual C++ version 5.0 includes a utility called "Error Lookup" that provides the message text for error codes.

To use this utility, start Microsoft Visual C++ and click Error Lookup on the Tools menu. Type the error code and click Lookup. As an example, if you had received the previously described error, -2147418094 (80010012), you would type the following text in "Error Lookup" and then click Lookup:

Error List from WINERROR.H
The following table describes the error codes contained in Winerror.h included with Microsoft Visual C++ version 5.0:   Automation   Automation
  Error        Error
  in Decimal   in Hex       Error Description

-2147418113 (8000FFFF)    Catastrophic failure.
-2147942413 (8007000D)    The Data is invalid.

-2147467263 (80004001)    Not implemented.
-2147024882 (8007000E)    Ran out of memory.
-2147024809 (80070057)    One or more arguments are invalid.
-2147467262 (80004002)    No such interface supported.
-2147467261 (80004003)    Invalid pointer.
-2147024890 (80070006)    Invalid handle.
-2147467260 (80004004)    Operation aborted.
-2147467259 (80004005)    Unspecified error.
-2147024891 (80070005)    General access denied error.
-2147483647 (80000001)    Not implemented.
-2147483646 (80000002)    Ran out of memory.
-2147483645 (80000003)    One or more arguments are invalid.
-2147483644 (80000004)    No such interface supported.
-2147483643 (80000005)    Invalid pointer.
-2147483642 (80000006)    Invalid handle.
-2147483641 (80000007)    Operation aborted.
-2147483640 (80000008)    Unspecified error.
-2147483639 (80000009)    General access denied error.
-2147483638 (8000000A)    The data necessary to complete this operation
                          not yet available.
-2147467258 (80004006)    Thread local storage failure.
-2147467257 (80004007)    Get shared memory allocator failure.
-2147467256 (80004008)    Get memory allocator failure.
-2147467255 (84009)       Unable to initialize class cache.
-2147467254 (8400A)       Unable to initialize RPC services.
-2147467253 (8000400B)    Cannot set thread local storage channel control.
-2147467252 (8000400C)    Could not allocate thread local storage channel
-2147467251 (8000400D)    The user supplied memory allocator is
-2147467250 (8000400E)    The OLE service mutex already exists.
-2147467249 (8000400F)    The OLE service file mapping already exists.
-2147467248 (80004010)    Unable to map view of file for OLE service.
-2147467247 (80004011)    Failure attempting to launch OLE service.
-2147467246 (80004012)    There was an attempt to call CoInitialize a
                          second time while single threaded.
-2147467245 (80004013)    A Remote activation was necessary but was not
-2147467244 (80004014)    A Remote activation was necessary but the server
                          name provided was invalid.
-2147467243 (80004015)    The class is configured to run as a security id
                          different from the caller.
-2147467242 (80004016)    Use of Ole1 services requiring DDE windows is
-2147467241 (80004017)    A RunAs specification must be A RunAs
                          specification must be
                          <domain name>\<user name> or simply
                          <user name>.            
-2147467240 (80004018)    The server process could not be started. The
                          pathname may be incorrect.  
-2147467239 (80004019)    The server process could not be started as the
                          configured identity. The pathname may be
                          incorrect or unavailable.  
-2147467238 (8000401A)    The server process could not be started because
                          the configured identity is incorrect. Check the
                          username and password.
-2147467237 (8000401B)    The client is not allowed to launch this server.
-2147467236 (8000401C)    The service providing this server could not be
-2147467235 (8000401D)    This computer was unable to communicate with the
                          computer providing the server.
-2147467234 (8000401E)    The server did not respond after being launched.
-2147467233 (8000401F)    The registration information for this server is
                          inconsistent or incomplete.
-2147467232 (80004020)    The registration information for this interface
                          is inconsistent or incomplete.
-2147467231 (80004021)    The operation attempted is not supported.
-2147221504 (80040000)    Invalid OLEVERB structure.
-2147221503 (80040001)    Invalid advise flags.
-2147221502 (80040002)    Can't enumerate any more, because the associated
                          data is missing.
-2147221501 (80040003)    This implementation doesn't take advises.
-2147221500 (80040004)    There is no connection for this connection ID.
-2147221499 (80040005)    Need to run the object to perform this operation.
-2147221498 (80040006)    There is no cache to operate on.
-2147221497 (80040007)    Uninitialized object.
-2147221496 (80040008)    Linked object's source class has changed.
-2147221495 (80040009)    Not able to get the moniker of the object.
-2147221494 (8004000A)    Not able to bind to the source.
-2147221493 (8004000B)    Object is static; operation not allowed.
-2147221492 (8004000C)    User cancelled out of save dialog.
-2147221491 (8004000D)    Invalid rectangle.
-2147221490 (8004000E)    compobj.dll is too old for the ole2.dll
-2147221489 (8004000F)    Invalid window handle.
-2147221488 (80040010)    Object is not in any of the inplace active states.
-2147221487 (80040011)    Not able to convert object.
-2147221486 (80040012)    Not able to perform the operation because object
                          is not given storage yet.
-2147221404 (80040064)    Invalid FORMATETC structure.
-2147221403 (80040065)    Invalid DVTARGETDEVICE structure.
-2147221402 (80040066)    Invalid STDGMEDIUM structure.
-2147221401 (80040067)    Invalid STATDATA structure.
-2147221400 (80040068)    Invalid lindex.
-2147221399 (80040069)    Invalid tymed.
-2147221398 (8004006A)    Invalid clipboard format.
-2147221397 (8004006B)    Invalid aspect(s).
-2147221396 (8004006C)    tdSize parameter of the DVTARGETDEVICE structure
                          is invalid.
-2147221395 (8004006D)    Object doesn't support IViewObject interface.
-2147221248 (80040100)    Trying to revoke a drop target that has not been
-2147221247 (80040101)    This window has already been registered as a drop
-2147221246 (80040102)    Invalid window handle.
-2147221232 (80040110)    Class does not support aggregation (or class
                          object is remote).
-2147221231 (80040111)    ClassFactory cannot supply requested class.
-2147221184 (80040140)    Error drawing view.
-2147221168 (80040150)    Could not read key from registry.
-2147221167 (80040151)    Could not write key to registry.
-2147221166 (80040152)    Could not find the key in the registry.
-2147221165 (80040153)    Invalid value for registry.
-2147221164 (80040154)    Class not registered.
-2147221163 (80040155)    Interface not registered.
-2147221136 (80040170)    Cache not updated.
-2147221120 (80040180)    No verbs for OLE object.
-2147221119 (80040181)    Invalid verb for OLE object.
-2147221088 (800401A0)    Undo is not available.
-2147221087 (800401A1)    Space for tools is not available.
-2147221056 (800401C0)    OLESTREAM Get method failed.
-2147221055 (800401C1)    OLESTREAM Put method failed.
-2147221054 (800401C2)    Contents of the OLESTREAM not in correct format.
-2147221053 (800401C3)    There was an error in a Windows GDI call while
                          converting the bitmap to a DIB.
-2147221052 (800401C4)    Contents of the IStorage not in correct format.
-2147221051 (800401C5)    Contents of IStorage is missing one of the
                          standard streams.
-2147221050 (800401C6)    There was an error in a Windows GDI call while
                          converting the DIB to a bitmap.
-2147221040 (800401D0)    OpenClipboard Failed.
-2147221039 (800401D1)    EmptyClipboard Failed.
-2147221038 (800401D2)    SetClipboard Failed.
-2147221037 (800401D3)    Data on clipboard is invalid.
-2147221036 (800401D4)    CloseClipboard Failed.
-2147221024 (800401E0)    Moniker needs to be connected manually.
-2147221023 (800401E1)    Operation exceeded deadline.
-2147221022 (800401E2)    Moniker needs to be generic.
-2147221021 (800401E3)    Operation unavailable.
-2147221020 (800401E4)    Invalid syntax.
-2147221019 (800401E5)    No object for moniker.
-2147221018 (800401E6)    Bad extension for file.
-2147221017 (800401E7)    Intermediate operation failed.
-2147221016 (800401E8)    Moniker is not bindable.
-2147221015 (800401E9)    Moniker is not bound.
-2147221014 (800401EA)    Moniker cannot open file.
-2147221013 (800401EB)    User input required for operation to succeed.
-2147221012 (800401EC)    Moniker class has no inverse.
-2147221011 (800401ED)    Moniker does not refer to storage.
-2147221010 (800401EE)    No common prefix.
-2147221009 (800401EF)    Moniker could not be enumerated.
-2147221008 (800401F0)    CoInitialize has not been called.
-2147221007 (800401F1)    CoInitialize has already been called.
-2147221006 (800401F2)    Class of object cannot be determined.
-2147221005 (800401F3)    Invalid class string.
-2147221004 (800401F4)    Invalid interface string.
-2147221003 (800401F5)    Application not found.
-2147221002 (800401F6)    Application cannot be run more than once.
-2147221001 (800401F7)    Some error in application program.
-2147221000 (800401F8)    DLL for class not found.
-2147220999 (800401F9)    Error in the DLL.
-2147220998 (800401FA)    Wrong OS or OS version for application.
-2147220997 (800401FB)    Object is not registered.
-2147220996 (800401FC)    Object is already registered.
-2147220995 (800401FD)    Object is not connected to server.
-2147220994 (800401FE)    Application was launched but it didn't register a
                          class factory.
-2147220993 (800401FF)    Object has been released.
-2146959359 (80080001)    Attempt to create a class object failed.
-2146959358 (80080002)    OLE service could not bind object.
-2146959357 (80080003)    RPC communication failed with OLE service.
-2146959356 (80080004)    Bad path to object.
-2146959355 (80080005)    Server execution failed.
-2146959354 (80080006)    OLE service could not communicate with the object
-2146959353 (80080007)    Moniker path could not be normalized.
-2146959352 (80080008)    Object server is stopping when OLE service
                          contacts it.
-2146959351 (80080009)    An invalid root block pointer was specified.
-2146959344 (80080010)    An allocation chain contained an invalid link
-2146959343 (80080011)    The requested allocation size was too large.
-2147352575 (80020001)    Unknown interface.
-2147352573 (80020003)    Member not found.
-2147352572 (80020004)    Parameter not found.
-2147352571 (80020005)    Type mismatch.
-2147352570 (80020006)    Unknown name.  
-2147352569 (80020007)    No named arguments.
-2147352568 (80020008)    Bad variable type.
-2147352567 (80020009)    Exception occurred.
-2147352566 (8002000A)    Out of present range.
-2147352565 (8002000B)    Invalid index.
-2147352564 (8002000C)    Unknown language.
-2147352563 (8002000D)    Memory is locked.
-2147352562 (8002000E)    Invalid number of parameters.
-2147352561 (8002000F)    Parameter not optional.
-2147352560 (80020010)    Invalid callee.
-2147352559 (80020011)    Does not support a collection.
-2147319786 (80028016)    Buffer too small.
-2147319784 (80028018)    Old format or invalid type library.
-2147319783 (80028019)    Old format or invalid type library.
-2147319780 (8002801C)    Error accessing the OLE registry.
-2147319779 (8002801D)    Library not registered.
-2147319769 (80028027)    Bound to unknown type.
-2147319768 (80028028)    Qualified name disallowed.
-2147319767 (80028029)    Invalid forward reference, or reference to
                          uncompiled type.
-2147319766 (8002802A)    Type mismatch.
-2147319765 (8002802B)    Element not found.
-2147319764 (8002802C)    Ambiguous name.
-2147319763 (8002802D)    Name already exists in the library.
-2147319762 (8002802E)    Unknown LCID.
-2147319761 (8002802F)    Function not defined in specified DLL.
-2147317571 (800288BD)    Wrong module kind for the operation.
-2147317563 (800288C5)    Size may not exceed 64K.
-2147317562 (800288C6)    Duplicate ID in inheritance hierarchy.
-2147317553 (800288CF)    Incorrect inheritance depth in standard OLE
-2147316576 (80028CA0)    Type mismatch.
-2147316575 (80028CA1)    Invalid number of arguments.
-2147316574 (80028CA2)    I/O Error.
-2147316573 (80028CA3)    Error creating unique tmp file.
-2147312566 (80029C4A)    Error loading type library/DLL.
-2147312509 (80029C83)    Inconsistent property functions.
-2147312508 (80029C84)    Circular dependency between types/modules.
-2147287039 (80030001)    Unable to perform requested operation.
-2147287038 (80030002)    %1 could not be found.
-2147287037 (80030003)    The path %1 could not be found.
-2147287036 (80030004)    There are insufficient resources to open another
-2147287035 (80030005)    Access Denied.
-2147287034 (80030006)    Attempted an operation on an invalid object.
-2147287032 (80030008)    There is insufficient memory available to
                          complete operation.
-2147287031 (80030009)    Invalid pointer error.
-2147287022 (80030012)    There are no more entries to return.
-2147287021 (80030013)    Disk is write-protected.
-2147287015 (80030019)    An error occurred during a seek operation.
-2147287011 (8003001D)    A disk error occurred during a write operation.
-2147287010 (8003001E)    A disk error occurred during a read operation.
-2147287008 (80030020)    A share violation has occurred.
-2147287007 (80030021)    A lock violation has occurred.
-2147286960 (80030050)    %1 already exists.
-2147286953 (80030057)    Invalid parameter error.
-2147286928 (80030070)    There is insufficient disk space to complete
-2147286800 (800300F0)    Illegal write of non-simple property to simple
                          property set.
-2147286790 (800300FA)    An API call exited abnormally.
-2147286789 (800300FB)    The file %1 is not a valid compound file.
-2147286788 (800300FC)    The name %1 is not valid.
-2147286787 (800300FD)    An unexpected error occurred.
-2147286786 (800300FE)    That function is not implemented.
-2147286785 (800300FF)    Invalid flag error.
-2147286784 (80030100)    Attempted to use an object that is busy.
-2147286783 (80030101)    The storage has been changed since the last
-2147286782 (80030102)    Attempted to use an object that has ceased to
-2147286781 (80030103)    Can't save.
-2147286780 (80030104)    The compound file %1 was produced with an
                          incompatible version of storage.
-2147286779 (80030105)    The compound file %1 was produced with a newer
                          version of storage.
-2147286778 (80030106)    Share.exe or equivalent is required for
-2147286777 (80030107)    Illegal operation called on non-file based
-2147286776 (80030108)    Illegal operation called on object with extant
-2147286775 (80030109)    The docfile has been corrupted.
-2147286768 (80030110)    OLE32.DLL has been loaded at the wrong address.
-2147286527 (80030201)    The file download was aborted abnormally. The
                          file is incomplete.
-2147286526 (80030202)    The file download has been terminated.
-2147418111 (80010001)    Call was rejected by callee.
-2147418110 (80010002)    Call was canceled by the message filter.
-2147418109 (80010003)    The caller is dispatching an intertask
                          SendMessage call and cannot call out via
-2147418108 (80010004)    The caller is dispatching an asynchronous call
                          and cannot make an outgoing call on behalf of
                          this call.
-2147418107 (80010005)    It is illegal to call out while inside message
-2147418106 (80010006)    The connection terminated or is in a bogus state
                          and cannot be used any more. Other connections
                          are still valid.
-2147418105 (80010007)    The callee (server [not server application]) is
                          not available and disappeared; all connections
                          are invalid. The call may have executed.
-2147418104 (80010008)    The caller (client) disappeared while the callee
                          (server) was processing a call.
-2147418103 (80010009)    The data packet with the marshalled parameter
                          data is incorrect.
-2147418102 (8001000A)    The call was not transmitted properly; the
                          message queue was full and was not emptied after
-2147418101 (8001000B)    The client (caller) cannot marshal the parameter
                          data - low memory, etc.
-2147418100 (8001000C)    The client (caller) cannot unmarshal the return
                          data - low memory, etc.
-2147418099 (8001000D)    The server (callee) cannot marshal the return
                          data - low memory, etc.
-2147418098 (8001000E)    The server (callee) cannot unmarshal the
                          parameter data - low memory, etc.
-2147418097 (8001000F)    Received data is invalid; could be server or
                          client data.
-2147418096 (80010010)    A particular parameter is invalid and cannot be
-2147418095 (80010011)    There is no second outgoing call on same channel
                          in DDE conversation.
-2147418094 (80010012)    The callee (server [not server application]) is
                          not available and disappeared; all connections
                          are invalid. The call did not execute.
-2147417856 (80010100)    System call failed.
-2147417855 (80010101)    Could not allocate some required resource
                          (memory, events, ...)
-2147417854 (80010102)    Attempted to make calls on more than one thread
                          in single threaded mode.
-2147417853 (80010103)    The requested interface is not registered on the
                          server object.
-2147417852 (80010104)    RPC could not call the server or could not return
                          the results of calling the server.
-2147417851 (80010105)    The server threw an exception.
-2147417850 (80010106)    Cannot change thread mode after it is set.
-2147417849 (80010107)    The method called does not exist on the server.
-2147417848 (80010108)    The object invoked has disconnected from its
-2147417847 (80010109)    The object invoked chose not to process the call
                          now. Try again later.
-2147417846 (8001010A)    The message filter indicated that the application
                          is busy.
-2147417845 (8001010B)    The message filter rejected the call.
-2147417844 (8001010C)    A call control interfaces was called with invalid
-2147417843 (8001010D)    An outgoing call cannot be made since the
                          application is dispatching an input-synchronous
-2147417842 (8001010E)    The application called an interface that was
                          marshalled for a different thread.
-2147417841 (8001010F)    CoInitialize has not been called on the current
-2147417840 (80010110)    The version of OLE on the client and server
                          machines does not match.
-2147417839 (80010111)    OLE received a packet with an invalid header.
-2147417838 (80010112)    OLE received a packet with an invalid extension.
-2147417837 (80010113)    The requested object or interface does not exist.
-2147417836 (80010114)    The requested object does not exist.
-2147417835 (80010115)    OLE has sent a request and is waiting for a
-2147417834 (80010116)    OLE is waiting before retrying a request.
-2147417833 (80010117)    Call context cannot be accessed after call
-2147417832 (80010118)    Impersonate on unsecured calls is not supported.
-2147417831 (80010119)    Security must be initialized before any
                          interfaces are marshalled or unmarshalled. It
                          cannot be changed once initialized.
-2147417830 (8001011A)    No security packages are installed on this
                          machine or the user is not logged on or there are
                          no compatible security packages between the
                          client and server.
-2147417829 (8001011B)    Access is denied.
-2147417828 (8001011C)    Remote calls are not allowed for this process.
-2147417827 (8001011D)    The marshalled interface data packet (OBJREF) has
                          an invalid or unknown format.
-2147352577 (8001FFFF)    An internal error occurred.
-2146893823 (80090001)    Bad UID.
-2146893822 (80090002)    Bad Hash.
-2146893821 (80090003)    Bad Key.
-2146893820 (80090004)    Bad Length.
-2146893819 (80090005)    Bad Data.
-2146893818 (80090006)    Invalid Signature.
-2146893817 (80090007)    Bad Version of provider.
-2146893816 (80090008)    Invalid algorithm specified.
-2146893815 (80090009)    Invalid flags specified.
-2146893814 (8009000A)    Invalid type specified.
-2146893813 (8009000B)    Key not valid for use in specified state.
-2146893812 (8009000C)    Hash not valid for use in specified state.
-2146893811 (8009000D)    Key does not exist.  
-2146893810 (8009000E)    Insufficient memory available for the operation.
-2146893809 (8009000F)    Object already exists.
-2146893808 (80090010)    Access denied.
-2146893807 (80090011)    Object was not found.

-2146893806 (80090012)    Data already encrypted.
-2146893805 (80090013)    Invalid provider specified.
-2146893804 (80090014)    Invalid provider type specified.
-2146893803 (80090015)    Provider's public key is invalid.
-2146893802 (80090016)    Keyset does not exist.
-2146893801 (80090017)    Provider type not defined.
-2146893800 (80090018)    Provider type as registered is invalid.
-2146893799 (80090019)    The keyset is not defined.
-2146893798 (8009001A)    Keyset as registered is invalid.
-2146893797 (8009001B)    Provider type does not match registered value.
-2146893796 (8009001C)    The digital signature file is corrupt.
-2146893795 (8009001D)    Provider DLL failed to initialize correctly.
-2146893794 (8009001E)    Provider DLL could not be found.
-2146893793 (8009001F)    The Keyset parameter is invalid.
-2146893792 (80090020)    An internal error occurred.
-2146893791 (80090021)    A base error occurred.
-2146762751 (800B0001)    The specified trust provider is not known on this
-2146762750 (800B0002)    The trust verification action specified is not
                          supported by the specified trust provider.
-2146762749 (800B0003)    The form specified for the subject is not one
                          supported or known by the specified trust
-2146762748 (800B0004)    The subject is not trusted for the specified
-2146762747 (800B0005)    Error due to problem in ASN.1 encoding process.
-2146762746 (800B0006)    Error due to problem in ASN.1 decoding process.
-2146762745 (800B0007)    Reading / writing Extensions where Attributes are
                          appropriate, and visa versa.
-2146762744 (800B0008)    Unspecified cryptographic failure.
-2146762743 (800B0009)    The size of the data could not be determined.
-2146762742 (800B000A)    The size of the indefinite-sized data could not
                          be determined.
-2146762741 (800B000B)    This object does not read and write self-sizing
-2146762496 (800B0100)    No signature was present in the subject.
-2146762495 (800B0101)    A required certificate is not within its validity
-2146762494 (800B0102)    The validity periods of the certification chain
                          do not nest correctly.
-2146762493 (800B0103)    A certificate that can only be used as an
                          end-entity is being used as a CA or visa versa.
-2146762492 (800B0104)    A path length constraint in the certification
                          chain has been violated.
-2146762491 (800B0105)    An extension of unknown type that is labeled
                          'critical' is present in a certificate.
-2146762490 (800B0106)    A certificate is being used for a purpose other
                          than that for which it is permitted.
-2146762489 (800B0107)    A parent of a given certificate in fact did not
                          issue that child certificate.
-2146762488 (800B0108)    A certificate is missing or has an empty value
                          for an important field, such as a subject or
                          issuer name.
-2146762487 (800B0109)    A certification chain processed correctly, but
                          terminated in a root certificate which isn't
                          trusted by the trust provider.
-2146762486 (800B010A)    A chain of certs didn't chain as they should in a
                          certain application of chaining.
jerrygaddAuthor Commented:
OK so the error I get from using FormatMessage is still no better
the error is 80004005
I guess it is some kind of ADO error!
I have seen some mention on the web that this error is usually caused becasue

Call RecordSet.Save(xmlDOM, adPersistXML)

Is trying to use a version of MSXML that is not available on the machine!
However we do have MSXML4SP3 installed and it doesn't return the error for smaller record sets!

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