double to String in c++ linux

I want to convert double to string in C++(linux) I know that there is  _ecvt function,
but for only interger that means if I have 10.5 the out put will be 10 only and also I must specifiy the long of number(how many digit)
void main()
         double test=4.125;
         double test;
         char *result;
         int decimalpt, sign;
         cout<<" Enter a number : " ;
          printf ("\n Input was %g \n", test);
                 // so here I must menstion 3
         result = _ecvt(test, 3, &decimalpt, &sign);
         printf (" \n Result string is '%s'\n", result);
         // strFinalVal contains 4.125
what I want I only want to convert from double to string in any way.
Thank You  
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tinchosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try with

      * Converts a double into a string with n decimal characters.
      * @param d The double to convert.
      * @param n The number of digits to the right of the decimal point.
      * @return Thr resulting string.
      std::string doubleToString( double d, int decimals )
            std::stringstream ss;

            ss.precision( decimals );            // set precision
            ss.setf( std::ios::fixed );     // get rid off the scientific notation

            ss << d;
            return ss.str ();

Hope this helps

why don't you use sprintf?
Ok... I would say using sprintf.
Should do the trick....

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albusaidiAuthor Commented:

Our friend I know this, but this is only for Example but I want this value to be String!!!!!!
Daniel JungesCommented:
use this

double value = 4.125;
char str[10];
sprintf(str, "%.4f", value);

I like to use the following template function, that converts all streamable types to strings:

template<typename T> string toString(const T& source)
  ostringstream oss;
  oss << source;
  return oss.str();

Then, for floats, you can do:
string s = toString(5.4);

But it would also work for ints, bools, etc.
The opposite conversion is simliar.
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