Mailto a TextBox value in Javascript/Html

Posted on 2004-08-03
Last Modified: 2013-12-16

First thanks for clicking

Have a Textbox called TeamString on a webpage.

Want to email the contexts of this Textbox in the mailto weblink

This is what I currently have

<a href="( Team String">
  Email Stuart</a>

Want the value of the Textbox to go directly in the Body of the email.

Realise ?body= goes into the anchor link. but not sure how to get the textbox value "document.Form1.TeamString.value" into the Body of the email.

Please note the TeamString Textbox is dynamically built by the user by a combination of different values in different comboboxes, so therefore each textbox is different for each user.

Many many thanks
Question by:StuartK
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Expert Comment

ID: 11703892
<a href="#" onclick='doit()'>  Email Stuart</a>

function doit()
  document.Form1.action = " Team String&&body=" + document.Form1.TeamString.value;

Problem is:  mailto: is unreliable.  It relies on the user having a mail program  and that program being set up 'properly'.  Many are not; mine, for example.


Author Comment

ID: 11704169
Hi Vinny,

Thank for replying.

Gave it a try.
Changed name of function to fit with application

It didn't work. But is definately going into function since I put an alert statement at the start.

function SendTeamString()
alert (document.frmEntry.TeamString.value);
document.frmEntry.action = " Team String&amp;&amp;body=" +

<a href="#" onclick='SendTeamString()'> Send Team</a>

Put this just above another function that I have, so guess I know it's in the right place.

Could it be the reliability issue you were talking about or am I missing something??

Your help is much appreciated Vinny,

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Expert Comment

ID: 11704295
It's EXACTLY what Vinny was talking about.

Use another machine, a different browser (or different version), and it might work fine. You don't know, you can't know, and you also can't keep the user from changing the email or make the user mail it.

Process it on the SERVER, you know it works, and works for everybody. Plus spammers can't get your email from the mailto tag, because there isn't one. ;-)

You DO realize that's how they get a lot of emails, right?
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Expert Comment

ID: 11704340
sorry :(

  I haven't had any espresso yet....

this:    '&amp;&amp;'      should be:     '&&'


function SendTeamString()
alert (document.frmEntry.TeamString.value);
window.location = "'FanLeague Team String'&&body=" + document.frmEntry.TeamString.value;

I wrote the function up as if it were for a form submission...again, sorry -- I'll go make some java now -- in case I messed up again :)
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Accepted Solution

VincentPuglia earned 95 total points
ID: 11704433
Hi webwoman :D

 webwoman does have a point.  However, if your site doesn't have any serverside mail support, you can break up the addy [like below]. It won't stop human spammers, but you won't have to worry about spiders.

function SendTeamString()
alert (document.frmEntry.TeamString.value);
  var toTxt = 'entry';
  var domainTxt = '';
  window.location = "mailto:" + toTxt + '@' + domainTxt + "?subject='FanLeague Team String'&&body=" + document.frmEntry.TeamString.value;

espresso almost done now :)

Assisted Solution

hyperslug earned 30 total points
ID: 11704448
Use VincentPuglia's code with

function SendTeamString()
{ = " Team String&amp;body=" + document.frmEntry.TeamString.value );

Also, use only 1 "&amp;".  It doesn't work with two like you have above.

Author Comment

ID: 11704661
Thanks to all who helped and gave comments.

Vinny, can't thank you enough mate.

Only issue was as hyperslug suggested only needed 1 "&" - Thanks HyperSlug

Works perfect mate.

People on EE always astonish me how much they know and how helpful they are.

Hi Webwomen, point taken about ServersideScript but I don't have that support yet. Oh and yes, I am spammed 100's of times a day due to Website. Thanks for comfirming my worst suspicions.

Thank you to all.
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Expert Comment

ID: 11705505
Hi Stuart,
It was a bit tricky, anyway here is the working code,
<title>Insert Text</title>
function mail(){
var message = document.form1.text1.value;
window.location=" Text&body="+message+" ";
<form name="form1">
<textarea name="text1"></textarea>
<input type="button" onclick="javascript:mail()" value="MAIL" />

I hope this is what you are looking for.

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Expert Comment

ID: 11706319
Hi Stuart,

  You're welcome.  Sorry I tried answering your question with my eyes and mind still closed :D


Author Comment

ID: 11707763
Hi Raj,

God I'm really sorry mate, but Vinny gave me similiar code.

It's a perfect answer as well!! For people in the future looking for a similiar solution in the search engines, even though it's not the "Accepted Answer" it's just as good.

It's like I said previously, it astonishes me how helpful people are on EE.

I cannot thank you enough Raj. I hope you recognise my genuineness by showing the courtesy of replying to the post, mate.

My best wishes,

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