CGI for Email

I am looking for a script that will do this

I can make a form, like



Phone Number:

and so on...

the user fills it out, and it gets sent to an email address...

If anyone can stear me to twords a script like this it would be much apreciated..

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please stop flaming me, I already agreed that you're all on the right track
and as security paranoid as I am, I'd never recommend such an old script
no offence to anyone (think most of you experts still know to read my comments:-)
Sounds like you want FormMail
In addition to Tintin..... you apparently need a script / program that can read the contents of a form and send it by e-mail to a specified e-mail address. This is very common on websites.

In most cases the Hosting provider has scripts pre-installed for you to use on your website. You could check a manual / helpdesk or something.

There is a wide selection of Form-processors on the internet, mostly for free as well. If you have no experience with programming I would not go for a Perl solution, better use a PhP solution. You can find and download a Form-processor you like right here:

A famous Perl Mail form can be found here:

Good luck!
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Do NOT touch Matt's formmail script.  It is very badly written and has been responsible for many security holes over the years.
Tintin, Matt's script is not badly written, it's just insecure with the knowledge of today and all those script-kiddies around ;-)

sorry for being off-topic

Depends on your definition of what "badly" written is.

Unfortunately, a lot of Perl newbies download Matt's code and use it as a basis for learning.  The code constructs are very clunky and inefficient.  Even Matt says that he'd never code like that now.  
my definition seems to be similar to your's, but look at the date of the script, and my comment  ;-)
ahoffmann - it's not entirely offtopic, IMO - we're offering opinions on scripts to utilize to submit the results of a form to email. :)

I really have to agree with Tintin on this one - the MSA script is full of issues. While it may have not been considered a 'badly written script' at the time it was written,  the author himself has pointed out that there are bad programming practices within the script.  As Tintin alluded to, Matt says (in part):

"While the free code found at my web site has not evolved much in recent years, the general programming practices and standards of CGI programs have. nms is an attempt by very active programmers in the Perl community to bring the quality of code for these types of programs up to date and eliminate some of the bad programming practices and bugs found in the existing Matt's Script Archive code.

I would highly recommend downloading the nms versions if you wish to learn CGI programming. The code you find at Matt's Script Archive is not representative of how even I would code these days. My interests and activies have moved on, however, and I just have not found the time to update all of my scripts. One of the major reasons for this is that they work for many people. For this reason, I will continue to provide them to the public, but am also pleased to make you aware of well-coded alternatives."

(This is located here: ).

off topic and getting points, hahhaha, lol
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