cisco 2600

i have a cisco 2600 and i would like to access it but i dont know how, i pluged it to my network but i cant see it on my dhcp list, it has 3 ethernet plugs i used the one that says ethernet
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nbutterhornConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can make a console cable, it is ran like this,

123456              head on one side
654321              other side

It is totally crossed over.

But you would still need the plug to connect to your serial port.

If you don't know the IP address (or the password to gain access) then the first step is to connect via the console port.
You need a rollover cable which is like a network cable but wired pin1 to pin8, pin2 to pin7 etc... and an adapter to connect it to the DB9 serial port on your computer.
Then run hyperterminal and set the speed to 9600 baud and press enter a few times and you should get a login prompt.

If you don't know the password then use this procedure:-
The interface does not pull an IP address from DHCP automatically, it has to be configured to do so.  To first configure the router, you will need to use the console cable kit that came with the router and follow grblades instructions.  You can then assign the interface an IP address from your subnet.
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matrax2600Author Commented:
i only have the router and the power cable, what can i do based on what i have ?
Absolutely nothing.  You need to get a console cable.  Look on ebay if you need one, they are cheap.
Yes you will have to get a console cable.
matrax2600Author Commented:
ok one i get the console cable would i need any software ? if not what do i use to configure the router ? command prompt ....?
The only software you will need is a terminal emulator. Windows comes with hyperterminal which works fine.
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