IIS and web access for ASP clients

I have a server inside my network, called deathstar.company.com.  We want to have this server available to one of our clients for ASP, but we want them to access it by using a different name, massachusetts.company.com.  How do I set up this up so that all the client needs to do is type in that URL and they will connect to that server.
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alimuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
icredes is absolutely correct - this is a DNS resolution issue.  Using the same IP address for both addresses works as long as your address is in a public IP range (or all access is via your internal network).

If you are using a private address range within your company what you will need to do is get a public IP address for your server and get an external DNS provider to register the address massachusetts.company.com against this public address.

For your internal company use, you would keep your existing settings (i.e. private ip address mapped to deathstar.company.com).
You then use Network Address Translation to push requests for the public IP through to your web server's private address.

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dns my friend... dns...

you should have your dns poing deathstart.company.com and massachusetts.company.com to point to the same IP address
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