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I have a DNS server that only needs to resolve a few addresses internally.  (Stil on NT domain so DNS isn't that important to us yet) We use our ISPs DNS servers for internet traffic.   We have an external website that I would like our internal users to hit without typing in the internal IP.  

Our internal DNS server does has recursion turned off...I would like our internal users to be able to type in the external address and get to our website.   Our external/internal domain names our different.  Let's just call them internal.com and external.com.   It seems easy enough to point external.com to an internal address but can't figure it out in DNS manager.  Do i need to create a different zone? Any help would be appreciated.. thansks!
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It should be very easy.

Just create a zone with the name you want, and create an A record with the internal IP number.

The only problem I see is that with recursion turned off on your DNS server, it is not able to resolve external addresses, thus your clients probably have an Internet DNS server as the primary and it would default to that.

Another way to do it:
Assume your want people to get to www.mycompany.com both internally and externally, but don't want to mess up all the other .mycompany.com A records and addresses. On your internal DNS server, create a authorized zone for www.mycompany.com and add a blank A record that resolves it to your internal number. All other .mycompany.com addresses will forward to the authoritative DNS server on the Internet, but www.mycompany.com will be resolved internally.

Good Luck
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