wont run on some XP & 2K boxes

Hi All,

I have a VB app that has been in circulation for a while now,
I have done extensive testing on the app, and have many users who have little to no issues with running VB apps on thier pc's.
however, recently I have had 5-6 people come back and say that they can't execute the application on thier computer [few XP Pro boxes, rest 2K]
would there be any reason why a VB app wont run on a PC?

Just to answer the initial questions:
No - the app doesn't use any OCX's that would cause the app not to function correctly
Yes - I have got them to re-download and try again, in case of file corruption
No - there isn't a helpfull and explanitory error that comes up, the app is just blank or doesn't run at all.

its just strange, all users are running the same version [theres only one version out in circulation]
and all the app does is act as a flash player [yes, they all have the correct version of flash on thier PC]....

Any reasons why this would be happening on a handfull of computers, but not all?

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MattiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

This app don't have a setup? it's a exe download only.

Tell your user to install VBRun60sp6.exe

David LeeCommented:
There's not enough information here to make an informed guess as to what the problem is.  I'd create a debugging version, a version that either puts up a dialog box or writes a log file to document what's going on behind the scenes and try it on these machines to see where it's failing at.  Armed with that information we could work toward a solution.  But the description we have now is roughly like, "My car doesn't work.  I have a Toyota and I know other folks who have the same model of Toyota and their's does work.  Why doesn't mine work?"  All we can do is speculate.
Any reasons why this would be happening on a handfull of computers, but not all?
Every computer has had different things installed on it - some of these things are needed by VB and that is allowing the program to run on those systems.

You need to create a setup package using (preferably) INNO - http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php or VB's Package and Deployment Wizard (which is buggy).
When the user installs the program it needs to install all of the things that the program depends on.

No - the app doesn't use any OCX's that would cause the app not to function correctly
You might not be using any 3rd party .OCX's or references but there are still some there anyway, these references are to the standard VB controls and libraries which need to be shipped with your program (if another program has already installed them on a particular computer then that is likely why it runs on some PC's and not others).

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d2kagwAuthor Commented:
I haven't been given much information from the users that are having the issues, and additionaly, don't have access to the computers to test [which is quite a pain].

The application doesn't requre a setup, its actually launched from a CD, I have included all the OCX's that it requres in the app path of the CD [ I tested the application on computers that had a minimal windows install, so im quite sure there should'nt be any issues with missing OCX's
Its not so much the application not functioning correctly, or certain features not processing, its that the application itself just doesn't run at all, and doesn't even return an error.... it just does nothing...
David LeeCommented:
"... I have included all the OCX's that it requres in the app path of the CD ..."

OCXs have to be registered using REGSVR32 on the computer before they're available to programs on that PC.  You didn't mention in your post whether they've all been registered or not.  Since you didn't use a setup registration wouldn't be done automatically.  Is it possible that these problem computers haven't had the OCXs registered?  If it is possible, then I'd have one of the users who's having problems manually register the OCXs and see if that solves the problem.
I understand that you want to run it from a CD, but VB needs certain things to be/have been installed on a PC in order for a VB program to run on that PC (no matter where it is running from).
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