Creating a Javascript array from a VBScript Array

Posted on 2004-08-04
Last Modified: 2012-05-05

In my ASP page I am reading some data (page abstract text) into an array, arrText as follows:

Dim rsAllSections
set rsAllSections = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
strSQL = "select ssecID, ssubsecID, ssecSection, ssubsecSubSection, iitemID, iitemAbstract from tvAllSecSub order by ssecHomepageOrder, xorder"
rsAllSections.Open strSQL, cnnConn, 1, 4

'Load the SubSections and abstracts into an array we can use later in JavaScript
dim arrNameAbs
arrNameAbs = rsAllSections.GetRows(,0,array("ssubsecSubSection","iitemAbstract", "ssecID", "ssubsecID"))

Dim strText, arrText
Dim a
For a = LBound(arrNameAbs,2) to UBound(arrNameAbs,2)
strText = strText & "<h1 class='mainHeading'>" & arrNameAbs(0,a) & "</h1><span class='smalltext'>" & arrNameAbs(1,a) & " <a href='subsection.asp?SectionID=" & arrNameAbs(2,a) & "&SubsectionID=" & arrNameAbs(3,a) & "'>More&raquo;</a></span>^"
strText = Replace(strText, chr(10), "")
strText = Replace(strText, chr(13), "")
arrText = split(strText, "^")

I write out a link for each record inb teh recordset created above.  When these links are rolled over, they call a Javascript function to change an iLayer and display the appropriate text from teh array.  The links look like this:

" <a href='subsection.asp?SectionID=2&SubsectionID=3' onMouseover='changetext(content[0])' class='smalllink'> "

My Javascript looks like this:

var content=new Array()

function regenerate()

function regenerate2()
      if (document.layers)

function changetext(whichcontent)

      if (document.all||document.getElementById)
            cross_el=document.getElementById? document.getElementById("descriptions"):document.all.descriptions
            cross_el.innerHTML='<font face="Verdana"><small>'+whichcontent+'<font></small>'
      else if (document.layers)
            document.d1.document.d2.document.write('<font face="Verdana"><small>'+whichcontent+'</small></font>')

function appear()


I currently have to manually write additional " content[0]="<%=arrText(0)%>" " lines into the page to make the functionality work for all the links that are written onto the page.  THis means that I can't remove content using an admin interface without manually editing the page in question.  The url of the page is if you want to see what I'm on about.

I want to change the Javascript so that the "content" array is dynamically created, depending on the amount of rows returned from the database.  To do this, I want to populate the Javascript array "content" from the vbScript array "arrText" - how canb I do this?
Question by:s9
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Accepted Solution

Zvonko earned 250 total points
ID: 11713913
Like this:

var content= [
<%  For a = 0 to UBound(arrText) %>
   "<%=arrText(a)%>" ,
<%  Next %>


Expert Comment

ID: 11713934
Hi Buddy

    Hope this helps you.

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
      dim strValue
    str=" var Content = new Array(); "
    for i=0 to ubound(arrText)
            str = str & " Content["& i &"] ='"& arrText(i) &"';"
      // Javascipt array
      <%=str%> // Now your dynamic array is ready on the client side
      for (i=0;i<=Content.length-1;i++)
            alert (Content[i]);


Author Comment

ID: 11714124
I'll try both of these ideas out this afternoon & get back to you.

Author Comment

ID: 11716206
Excellent answer by Zvonko - worked without any changes first time.  Thanks!

PradeepYadhav - your answer would have worked eventually I think, but needed some more work at my end & I don't have time to do it.  Sorry!

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