Compaq Presario series PP2140 ?

I need your help I need to replace the LCD of this Compaq Presario P1500NP series PP2140 I can’t find much info on it online
If anyone can please help me find a LCD for this Laptop thanks for any help.  
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DoTheDEW335Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Per Compaq/HP tech support I got this from them directly

"The serial number ZV2AKQFZ2V16 shows that it is Evo N1000v notebook."

So I guess the 1500 is out of the question and you will need the Evo N1000v LCD replacement!

you can get it there (same site from earlier , just linked to EVO) and pick the N1000v LCD replacement
SKU#:   291643-001
Itemcode:   20030000039108
Mfg. Part Number:   291643-001

UserXIT ConsultantCommented:
I think you need to check the model number of the laptop as there are no search results for a Compaq Presario P1500NP laptop? I would contact Compaq for you but it just doesnt seem like that is the correct model Number. How old is the laptop?

If you check through that list, there is no P1500NP or PP2140 listed so I dont think the page will be of much use.

You should try Compaq direct if you cant find anything online, even if they could just provide you with the LCD's Model Number, you could search for that.

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natcomAuthor Commented:
that is the only info i can find on the Laptop and is about 3 to 4 year old   Compaq p1500np150x4200wc25ec  the SN #ZV2AKQFZ2V16  is that any help ? i will call compaq  today and see what they can do for me  about the link it looks good after i find the rigth model that is.  

Where are you located? it's a Presario 1500 the PN stands for Part Number, If it is a laptop purchased in the us you want the 1500US replacement LCD screen in the page I sent earlier. That page lists ALL compaq laptop LCD screens. So reguardless the screen you want is on there you just need the model. So back to the model.  Here are the listed 1500's (possibilities)

»       Compaq Presario 1500AP notebook PC
»       Compaq Presario 1500AU notebook PC
»       Compaq Presario 1500SC notebook PC
»       Compaq Presario 1500TC notebook PC
»       Compaq Presario 1500US notebook PC

I would bet on the 1500US if your in the US. I'm contacting Compaq support with your serial # to find out which one u have. I'll get  back to you in a few

Also support told me this:
The correct part numbers are : 291641-001 , 291642-001 , 291643-001

So the one off the site is good to go.

natcomAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much DEW for doing all that extra work bravo :)
Just trying to help out. Thanks for the points.

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