Show and track Sent/Deleted Items in a non-proprietary mailbox

Here is the problem...I am a user in the I.S Dept and have created an additional mailbox called helpdesk that all requests will be sent to.  The only problem is when I reply or delete, repectively the items stay in my personal mailbox, not the helpdesk mailbox.  Other than rules under my profile, is there anyway to keep this from happening?  Thanks
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If you have OWA configured you could log onto the Help Desk resource and reply/respond from there instead of configuring multiple profiles. This way you maintain access to both mailboxes simultaneously.

Also - if you shift+delete the items then they should not be moved to your deleted items folder. As for sent, you have two options - multiple Outlook profiles or OWA ...

Configuring Multiple Profiles in Outlook XP - (Similar process for other versions)
Adding New Outlook Profile and Exchange Service (Outlook XP)
Click Start, Settings, Control Panel
In the control panel there will be a Mailbox icon named Mail, click it
This will bring up the current outlook profile: Click Show profiles
Click Add
Type in the name of the profile and click OK .
Select Add a new e-mail account and click Next
Select Microsoft Exchange Server and click Next
For Microsoft Exchange server type <Exchange Server Name>
For User Name: type your user id (for example, bnettles is the User name ).
Click Check Name (Important: this step will confirm whether Exchange Server can retrieve your mailbox)
Click OK
Your name should now be underlined
Click the More Settings button..
Click OK on the Microsoft Exchange Server window
This will bring back to the Email Accounts window
Click Next & then Finish
To specify which profile will run when starting Outlook, under When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile, under Always use this profile: select the newly created profile. To be prompted for the profile to use, select Prompt for a profile to be used
Click OK

About the only way you could do this is by creating a profile for the helpdesk mailbox and the add your mailbox as an addition to the profile.  Of course now all replies will be in the helpdesk mailbox and none will be in yours.   The only other alternative is multiple outlook profiles.
crarygAuthor Commented:
Could you expand on multiple outlook profiles a bit?
Create 1 outlook profile for the helpdesk, and one for your mailbox.  Of course the downside to this is that you can only logon to 1 at a time (unless you have a second PC to use).
crarygAuthor Commented:
That's what I thought you meant.  That doesn't help the cause though, but thanks nevertheless.  
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