Which Cisco and what card to buy?

I have an international client that has three sites.  At the main site the client wants to bring me a full E1 circuit with three seperate networks each on its own timeslot.  Is there a Cisco solution that will allow me to do this?  There will also be local ethernet lan on this router.
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flitcraft33Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using an E1 and want lan switching on the same box, I think I would use a Cisco 3745 or 3725 depending on future expansion.  A sixteen port switch is availble as an NM and you can also get  a WIC for your E1.  You said the client  wants a full E1 with three seperate networks, each in its own time slot, what is on the other three ends? Partial E1s? ISDN?

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