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i'm thinking about designing a website for my athletic club at the moment. I just got photoshop 5.5 off a friend and the stuff online tutorials show are unreal! As i'm not artisitic or grapically creative i was wondering if someone could possibly help me out and come up with a design/suggestion for the site. I was thinking of using a darkish read and blue - if you have ever seen athletic tracks they are always either of these colors and my club colors are blue and white.

one idea was to have a college of pictures, but then i saw you can do alot more with photoshop. pershap a chrome man bursting out of a globe in the top left. then another issue is what font/stly to have the club's name in. i'm looking for a side bar and header design i guess. I'm thinking of adding horizontal DHTML menu under the header, for navigation purposes.

the points currently allocated are just a guide, i will up this depending on the time,help and suggestions i recieve - i do realise the time you guys give us - and i must say it is appreciated.

thanks alot

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Sohel RanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It's true that you need to practice a lot in order to be expert in photoshop. I agree with others that you should purchase the latest version of photoshop. Because most of the tutorial on the net is about latest version. If you do not want to purchase photoshop then you can purchase paintshop pro which is cheaper than photoshop. Another choice is to use GNU program, such as Gimp which is totally free & quite good too:

First suggestion is to go out and actually purchase photoshop. Technically you're in violation of the license agreement and copyright law. Not to mention using an extremely old version of Photoshop. Buy it, youll get the manual which will be a big help in the long run.
Hi d_bowe,
        First, I don't really have any suggestions on how to do what you want, but I would reccommend checking out the sites on the web that offer free templates such as this one:

        You may not find something there to suit exactly what you need, but if you download the templates they may be able to give you ideas on how to create your site and what the possibilities are.

There are no limits! Enjoy!

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First of all I agree with weed... buy Photoshop... or any program that meets your needs. As a newbie Photoshop Elements may be more than enough and costs less.

Secondly, Photoshop can help you create beautiful images like the one's you reference but if you have "NO creative skill"... don't expect miracles. The "chrome-man bursting out of a globe" could take a professional illustrator hours to create. There's no button in photoshop that will just do that for you. I'm not trying to talk-down or belittle your intentions... I think they are great... but there are skills that take people years to learn and photoshop is only the tool. Because I can pick-up a wrench... doesn't mean I am a mechanic. I could become one with practice and training though.

I suggest going the step farther than using the "free" web templates but to use your webhosting companies web-based software to create your site. Most hosts have programs that walk you through the process of building a site. Asking you for colors, titles and images to load into 1 of a few preset designs. It will allow you try different colors and fonts and assist you in posting images and text. Once your site is built and hosted you can then work on using Photoshop and other programs to make the site cooler and cooler until you no longer need the template and you post your own design.

An alternative would be to spend a few bucks hiring a designer (like me) to create your vision for you. Be upfront with a designer though and tell them you'd be interested in learning a little from them during the process and that eventually you'd like to do it all yourself. You need to let them know that because designers will typically retain the copyright of their designs/artwork and thus you using it in the future without paying them for it would violate their copyright. Most designers would adjust their pricing accordingly for the "tutorials" and giving you full use of their designs.

Sorry for the long-winded comment but their is a lot involved in creating a web-site.
I agree with krdzine1.... Creating a site without photoshop skills is extremely difficult.... you would not be able to bring the vision of your site as you think... It requires a lot of practice... Photoshop can do nothing unless we work on the tools it provides us....
Photoshop is fine for your pictures but not really the right package for an amateur developing a website. MS frontpage might be better.
Have a meeting with your club and come up with ideas then hone them with the club till you get what you want!
buy frontpage or dreamweaver...etc
Your borrowed copy of photoshop is technically illegal to use..i think.

c'est de la bonne shish mec
MS Frontpage is not an appropriate tool for web development. Dreamweaver is much preferable but it's not going to do the graphics work for you. Both of those packages are only for layout.
Sohel RanaCommented:
Forget to mentioned that you should use dreamweaver for creating your site. Frontpage is ok   but only the latest version, old versions are crap.

Sohel RanaCommented:
Thanks for the points.

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