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Hello pals
i need books of tutorials and study materials for Networking, i need esspecially in PDF format, if anyone having study materials plz send that materials to,
and tell me web sites, i'll take it from there...
 plz do this favour
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MarkDozierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
These are free:

Go to and do a search on thie authors name. He is very good and was recently eatured in PC World magizine.

 Learning by Doing: CISCO Certified Network Administrator 3.0 (#640-607) Lab Manual
by Matthew Basham

 Learning by Doing: Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) Lab Manual Version 4 Volume #1
sending u an ebook would most likely be a violation of copyrght. nonetheless, what type of networking, wired or wireless?
if im rite about the copyright, who would risk litigation and possible jail time for 50 points?!!!!!!!!!
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ragu91083Author Commented:
plz note i need free e-books
wired networking or wireless networking?
Mike R.Commented:
Do a search for "Networking tutorials" on google.  Lots of great sites.  Also, since it sounds like you either just need the skills...or are studying for a cert exam...look into auditing a class at the college.  Auditing means you attend the class, but don't get college credit for it...kind of like an innocent bystander.  It is much cheaper than taking the class regularly, but you still get the skills.

Mike R.Commented:
P.S.  Oh...and ebay...wonderful place :-)
admin2005Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hi sir
if you want free books you can open site support that 's
ftp site
this web have many books pdf file but so slow this site
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