Why cant i access my View Source in my browser


Why cant i access my View Source in my browser

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pinaldaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi mdbbound,

the reason is your IE. It keep on happening many times IE just brakes and when you click on view source it does nothing. It just does not do anything. I have tried to solve this problem many many times. I have installed them IE again and also installed the patches. No differance.
Though, Once I had reinstalled Windows at my operating it made everything work. So I guess that was the issue. Well, it is not worth to install the OS again for just this small bug so I keep on going with that. I have installed mozilla firefox which works great and rocks!


What do you mean you can't access View Source in your browser? Can you elaborate? Do you mean you see no code, or that you can't right click or something?

Maybe you mean that a certain website has managed to block the "view source" option!? With Javascript you can for example disable the right-click mouse on a webpage.

If you mean you can see the source of a page but not the ColdFusion code.... only plain HTML. This is correct, the Coldfusion code is translated to HTML and you can only see the source if you have direct access to an CFM file..... this is good otherwise people would steal your CFM code  :)
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Hi Pinal - I've never seen this happening ... how can u not see the view source ... [definaltely a bug in the version ur using :)]

mdbbound : if the right click is disabled as mentioned above by "dutchfoxer" - then u cld always use "View -> Source" from the MenuBar of ur IE :)

Moreover just make sure the page ur trying to view source for, has something in it - else it may never show ne-thing ;)

do let us know ...

mdbboundAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone

Just want to let you know that Pinal and I have the same problem.

I seriously can't see the  html source.  It does not do anything.  I guess it is the last thing i want to worry right now but it sure can help me view some source code.

No big deal, i just thought it can be resolved by checking a settings in IE.

Hello Anand and Mdbbound,
It is great to discuss on this board. I really can not see the source.
Seems like you got to visit me. :-) Let me know when you come to Las Vegas ( I work here as Web Application Developer).
You are welcome too Mdbbound:-)  I was thinking that all the time, I am the one who has the problem but I got company of mdbbound.
Smiles and Regards,
LOL - sure Pinal - if i ever make it there in LasVegas - will surely take a visit to ur place ... thanx for the invitation ... :)
i just mentioned - cos its never heard b4 - but guess there's always a first time ... thanx for updating me on this ...

Anand :)
Yep! Sometimes, I think you can't view source because your Temporary Internet Files might be too full :)
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