hi experts,

i have a question regarding SAX.. hope is the right place to ask.

im quite new in xml processing, i am able to read and process xml through SAX, and store them into classes. now i would like to know how to revert this process?

i have the xml schema, anyone knows how to transform classes/database data back into XML format through SAX?

i search quite anumber of sites, and couldnt find a simple solution i can understand..

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girionisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SAX is sequential which means that it reads the XML file sequentially and then just fires events when certain elements appear. You need to store the data somewhere yourself in order to use them and therefore you will need to use this data to reconstruct the XML file.

It would be easier to reconstruct the XML file if you were using DOM.

For sax transformations have a look here:
You need to put all of the XML into a StringBuffer and that's all.

StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
and so on.
mooyAuthor Commented:
is there a more convient way?
bcos my xml file is rather complex.

can i use the xml schema to phrase in data and have and XML output? using SAX transformation..
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mooyAuthor Commented:
yup.. i have store this data in to memory as classes, eventually a database.

how to get the data from database and then generate a XML file?

the link is to read from a XML file, i can read from a XML but now the problem is how to generate a new XML file after manupulating the values in the file.?
Since you already have the data into memory as classes then use what I described in my first comment (a StringBuffer). You have only the data into memory not the structure of the XML file, you have to devise a way to structure the XML file.

There might be other ways that I am not aware of, but you might want to take a look here: maybe you will get some ideas.

> how to get the data from database and then generate a XML file?

HOw do you save it in the database? As a BLOB/CLOB?
mooyAuthor Commented:
after my research i found various way in generating out a XML file,

my problem here is getting domain classes values and putting them into XML format, through XSL.

-SAX , setting the content handler (one by one) Can i parse in my XSL and the output format will be like my stylesheet?
-JAXB, it creates alot of classes with the xjc.
or is there other ways in getting round this?

May i know which is a more efficient way of doing it? (my program will be running on lowend machines eg.win98)
I am not sure about XSL, it's been a long time ago since I last used xalan. But I really do not see the need to process the XML again, you already have the data represented as java objects.
mooyAuthor Commented:

now i need to transform the java objects back into XML using the same XSL format. how im i going to do it?

thnx girionis, you teaching a noob here!! :o)
Where do you keep these objects? Do you store them in a collection like a Vector or an ArrayList?
mooyAuthor Commented:
hmm.. i store them in ArrayList.. is a huge structure..

i found a long tedious way in generating XML file uses SAX transformation to serialize data into XML elements...

is there other ways?
TimYatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might be able to use the XMLEncoder to serialize your ArrayList into an XML document, then XSLT to transform this document into the format you require...

Otherwise, I think it's the long tedious way :-(

MogalManicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try one of these java libraries.  They allow you to output well formed XML documents into an output stream: - I have used this one and it works well
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