ISA Server 2004 - Cannot view Network shares!?

I just recently received our copy of ISA 2004, installing it on windows 2003 server to let selective groups of users view only specific sites.

After initially installing isa 2004, shares are no longer accessable, in fact it seems the whole server is no longer visible from the network. I know it's probably the firewall closing everything up, so I was wondering if anyone has a helpful guide on how to setup ISA 2004 properly.

How should the default install be configured? At this time everything is run off one server, (small intranet site), file server, AD, DHCP, DNS. There is no exchange server as of yet, and no web server that needs to be accessed by the public, only intranet.

Does anyone have some help tips on how to set this up?
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batmon34Connect With a Mentor Commented:

If you want to use ISA as your firewall, then you need at least two NICs, one connect to external, one connect to internal trusted LAN.

Please go  They just came out with how to setup ISA with tri-home (external, DMZ, internal) articles.  That should help.
You mean you install ISA2K4 on the server that also has AD, DNS, etc?  Humm.. bad idea...  You should put ISA on a stand alone box.  Please uninstall ISA right away.

On the new ISA box, you can create firewall policy to allow/disallow whatever the traffics.

Hope this help.

urbancAuthor Commented:
Ok, aside from that, I will setup a new box today with only ISA on it, can I run anything else from that box or should it strictly be ISA2004 only?

Configuring it is the problem I'm having, I can't seem to be able to get ISA to allow anything through. (Maybe because it was on the main server running AD, DNS, webserver, etc.)

Do you have any good links to help with ISA 2004 Setup?
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For testing, after your install, add a rule says allow all incoming traffics to all traffics.  Then you can check the network activities in ISA's logging.

Many good resources at

urbancAuthor Commented:
I can't seem to find anything specific to configuring a new install of ISA 2004.
I have installed a 2nd server with ISA 2004. Should I join the domain I have setup  on the first server?
Should I be using 2 nics on the ISA server?

Sorry for such basic questions, I'm very new to ISA.

urbancAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help, but I'v given up on isa2k4 for now. will tackle it again down the road.
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