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Nero Ultra vs Nero Enterprise

Posted on 2004-08-05
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
hey guys... i saw on nero's home page that there's this newer version of nero (because mine was Nero5).  I was doing research on whether it would be a good deal to have one and I came across two editions/versions of nero6 -- Ultra and Enterprise.  Can anybody please tell the difference between the two??? I guess I was trying to figure out which one is better because i wouldn't want to have it any other way. thanks guys. i look forward for your answers.
Question by:brakes

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ID: 11730480
The honest answer on this is:
What do you want/expect to do?

Then an answer relevant to your need(s) can be tailored.

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ID: 11732244
Hmm I don't know where you got that Nero Enterprise link you mentioned.
As far as I can see from Nero US website http://www.nero.com/us/nero6.html
there's only Nero 6 Ultra Edition which including apps below:

Applications included in Nero 6 Ultra Edition:

Nero StartSmart: The central starting point and command center for all your digital media needs. Holds all the activities together and simplifies working with any of the applications.

Nero Burning ROM 6: The ultimate application for burning CDs and DVDs featuring new modern icons. Continue working with Nero, even while the burning procedure is going on.

Nero Express 6: Designed with a simplified interface makes the necessary burning procedures quick and easy. Easy for beginners and comfortable for professionals to handle any desired burning tasks.

NeroVision Express 2: Transform all your old home movies into newly developed perfect home videos without any difficulty. Compile and edit slideshows and make Video CDs, Super Video CDs, and high-value DVDs.

Nero Recode 2: Make backups of unprotected DVDs without any visible loss of quality AND fit a whole movie on one CD! Convert DVD movies to Nero Digital™ using the world’s fastest MPEG-4 audio and video encoder.

Nero ShowTime: Play back all digital recordings (e.g. movies, TV programs, home videos, DVD video) with excellent picture and sound quality with the most comfortable, enjoyable, and powerful DVD player. Get vibrant picture quality and clear sound for all DVD formats compatible with our Nero Digital (MPEG-4).

Nero PhotoShow Express: Manage, organize, edit, and print all your digital photos. Create musical slideshows, DVDs, photo gifts, screen savers, wall paper, and share your photos online with friends and family.

Nero BackItUp: Start complete backups of defined areas of the hard drive as needed or planned as regularly recurring jobs. Entire hard drive sections as well as individual files can saved and burned directly on CDs or DVDs.

Nero SoundTrax: Mix and modify your own special audio CD compilation like a professional DJ. Digitalize your old music collection and preserve it forever.

Nero Wave Editor 2: Records and reworks audio data and offers numerous improvement functions for recording from tape or vinyl records. Offers non-destructive editing and recording of audio files so that your original files will not be modified during the editing procedure.

Nero Cover Designer: Design, create, and produce CD, DVD, and Business card CD covers and labels with a user friendly interface. Have the ability to automatically create playlists and/or filename lists directly onto a label or cover.

Nero Mix: This application goes above and beyond as an all-in-one CD recording solution. Transform your computer into the ultimate recording studio.

Nero Toolkit: The most accurate and comprehensive drive testing available. Information about the system, CD and DVD drives, and optimum running modes is supplied.

Nero ImageDrive: Get direct access to disk images without prior burning. Set up a virtual drive which allows you to open and view files and programs.

InCD 4: Contains a packet writing solution that has the most stability, ease of use and compatibility across all Windows operating systems. Files can be saved, renamed and deleted, just as with other rewritable storage media such as floppy or hard disk.


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ID: 11732245
Erm even from it's online store there's no Nero Enterprise edition
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ID: 11739468
this was the link which i got the info on Nero's enterprise edition:
  <a href="http://club.cdfreaks.com/lite/t-94874.html">http://club.cdfreaks.com/lite/t-94874.html</a>

i have like an 8x writer and i want to know which version would maximize my writer.

AshuraKnight -->  are all the features you've mentioned included in the 26-Meg download of the installer?

Accepted Solution

AshuraKnight earned 150 total points
ID: 11741017

Hmm mine is like 100MB++ if you want all the features.
I think enterprise edition available up to nero 5 ?
And both can maximize your writer. Well it's up to the compatibility between your cd writer and blank cds
I got plextor cd rw which can write cd-r up to 52x but with no name brand cd-r it can only write up to 24x without error.
But my friend cd-rw (lite-on) can do the same disc with nero with max burning speed.

Author Comment

ID: 11746424
thanks man-->AshkuraKnight. i'm accepting your answer.  i guess i'll take nero's ultra edition.  

that's one problem with burning on faster speed. even if the burning process was succesfully completed.. the disc isn't 100% working (especially if you have like a 700-MEG data to burn).  so im sticking to my 8x. although i am thinking on buying Lite-On because a friend of mine uses the same brand and performance-wise, it's better than any in the market. at least that's what he told me.

last question.. can you recommend a particular brand of blank cd's(CD-R)?

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ID: 11749463
Hmm I'm in Australia, so I don't know which brand is available in US (are you in US ?)
But mostly I'm using BenQ.
Well any CD's is ok if the price is cheap :) it's AUD $19 - 20 for 50 spindle.
I'm not burning any documents in it though :P
If I'm burning documents then I'll use TDK or Verbatim

Author Comment

ID: 11750128
im from the philippines.  i'll take benQ into consideration. i'm using ridata most of the time. it's like 20cents (in US dollar's worth) per piece. again thanks for the advice.

Expert Comment

ID: 12751396
Nero Enterprise Edition Key Product Features:

Create FAT boot images on-the-fly
Make EFI bootable CD/DVDs
Generate CD/DVDs to exchange data between Windows, Linux and EFI (pre-boot)
Full Nero CD/DVD data recording capabilities
Windows version and Linux version available
Supports full ranges of optical recording devices:
64-bit native and 32-bit emulation mode support
Ahead Software's support for the EFI standard and systems based on the Itanium® 2 processor
provides customers with an easy and flexible means for creating bootable CD's.

Nero 6 Ultra Edition key Product Features:

NeroVision Express 2, which "offers the best control over the look of DVD menus" and "provides easy-to-use storyboard and timeline video editing;"
Nero Cover Designer, which "handles both slim jewel case inserts and large, movie-style DVD case and booklet inserts;"
Nero Burning ROM, which records "in the widest variety of disc formats... offers simpler, step-by-step wizard;"
Nero Recode 2, which "shrinks the content of a non-copy-protected 9GB dual-layer disc by re-encoding that content to fit onto a standard 4.7GB DVD or onto a 700MB VCD or SVCD" and "takes it further by letting you re-encode video to its Nero Digital MPEG-4 codec, thereby generating a movie that fits on a single CD."
Nero 6 Ultra Edition is a CD and DVD creation, all-in-one solution for all audio, video, photo, data and backup needs.
And also has advanced video capturing, encoding, editing, authoring, burning and backup capabilities.

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