Cisco 2610 Optimization

I have a cisco 2610. We are on a fractional T1. We have offices are all over the country that connect to published apps. The configuration on the router is very vanilla. Is there anything I can do to optimize it? Is there anything I can do to speed up anything on our end? I just know that I can do more with the router and we aren't doing it. Thanks.
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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Basically you want to configure some kind of queuing on the WAN interface of your router(s). You can specify that traffic to that site gets higher priority than traffic to other sites. That will only help, however, if the 384k pipe is sufficient for traffic. It may be that their traffic patterns TO your site are causing problems too. In that case nothing you do on your end will help. You would then want to prioritize traffic leaving the remote site.

It would help to use a tool such as MRTG to determine where your bottleneck is. Then you can plan your solution correctly. You need to determine what your priorities are. You can check out MRTG at
How much of that fractional T1 are you using?  I bet your users would see better latency if you had a bigger pipe, and the 2610 can certainly cope.

Whats your central router and your client's router model?  How fast is your pipe, how many user's are using that pipe per site, how fast is the workstations on each site, how much data is being pulled or are the applications and data being pulled large chunks or is it just email and surfing the web?
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I would agree with PennGwyn (and Pentrix2 also I guess). The best thing you can do is to increase your bandwidth. A fractional T1 is nothing if lot's of people are trying to pull data through it. You could do some QOS, even something simple like priority queuing. But if most of the data is high priority then it won't help.
We all gave you suggestions and recommendations, but without more details this is the best we can provide.  Need more details of your LAN and WAN, how many users, etc........  You're just asking something too broad.
aquaminiiAuthor Commented:
We are using a 768k frac t1.

I did not complain about the bandwidth. I asked about router options. Configuration changes I could make to give certain sites a higher priority. The outside users are using two of our citrix servers. So not a lot of data is being sent back and forth. The site I am having a problem with is only a 384k dsl pipe. There are approximatly 4 users at that location. Are there any configuration changes I could make to cater to that site more than others?

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