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How do I give remote assistance to a friend who has win2K

Posted on 2004-08-05
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-21
I have a friend with probems using one program
I want to help and it would be good to connect to his computer
my msn messenger version 6.2 has a button called remote asistance
he has the same version but the button does not appear on his computer!
Question by:TOPIO

Assisted Solution

jeremytse19 earned 600 total points
ID: 11732422
Topio ...

I can't help you with MSN .. but I've found that if you want a quick, easy and free solution,
use VnCPlus


One computer needs to install the server component,
and using the IP, the other computer (with the viewer installed) can connect to that other computer.

good luck!

Expert Comment

ID: 11732476
Topio ...

Are you by chance running Windows XP?

looking at the MSN website ...

It might be that Remote Assistance is only available for WinXP users .. try adding Windows Messenger (see further below)

How are MSN Messenger and Windows® Messenger different?

Windows XP comes with Windows Messenger, which remains available even after MSN Messenger 6.2 is installed on your computer.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

    * Only Windows Messenger can connect to the Communications Service and Exchange Instant Messaging, which are only used in corporations.
    * Some programs, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, and Remote Assistance, connect to Windows Messenger by default. When you are signed in to MSN Messenger, you may appear offline to people who connect to these programs and have you listed as a contact.

From the newsgroup:

You need to have Windows Messenger installed in order to use Remote Assistance from within
MSN Messenger 6.2.  You can find Windows Messenger here:

Please note: although Windows Messenger must be installed for Remote Assistance to function,
this does not mean you have to use it; it simply needs to be installed.


Assisted Solution

Prerak123 earned 200 total points
ID: 11732909
Hi this is Prerak :: prerik_2002@rediffmail.com
I had a customer once that had anissue, I tried to RA but it was a no-go.  Turned out that her DSL was setup using a Westell DSL modem (BellSouth) and the modem (which is actually a router) was doing the PPPOe and issuing her Linksys an IP via DHCP (192.168.0.x) and Linksys was issuing IPs in 192.168.1.x.   Anyways, long story short, the DSL connection that modem made would issue dnssuffix: launchmodem.com  and had trouble resolving certain site and connecting on certain ports.

I setup the Linksys to initiate the PPPOe and issue IPs 192.168.1.x and everything seemed fine after that.

If you case is not as such, my last suggestion for you is to downgrade the firmware of the Linksys to that last available version before the latest & try it.
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Author Comment

ID: 11737368
I do not even have this problem it seems that messenger Remote asistance functionality is only available for winxp users
can anybody confirm?

Accepted Solution

Jeff Rodgers earned 600 total points
ID: 11738399
There is no native support in Windows 2000 Pro for remote assistance or desktop.  All forms of remote assistance are after market addons such as VNC.  MSN messenger does not have support for products other than Windows XP (home, pro and the new 2003 Server).

For best results you may want to look into 3rd party solutions i.e VNC client, Symantec PC Anywhere , Goto MY PC etc.


Assisted Solution

Igoroo earned 600 total points
ID: 11739000

yes, we can confirm that Win2k does not offer remote assistance. However, Microsoft Netmeeting should let you take over his desktop. This should work on all Microsoft OSes that use Microsoft Netmeeting.

That said, I agree with Jeff_Rodgers: third party (like VNC) offer the best results.

LVL 10

Author Comment

ID: 11739053
Thanks to all, already tried pcanywhere over phone line but it was so slow
I wanted to try something else.

Expert Comment

ID: 11904138
Hello TOPIO,

When you are dealing with a dial-up connection the process is going to be slow no matter what program you use.  Using PCAnywhere you use a program to access the modem and then dial into his modem through his PCAnywhere.  You lose a lot of speed with both machines having to run the progams and send data through the phone line.  If phone dial-up is your only option you might try to actually connect peer to peer directly from modem to modem and use VNC.  VNC is a much simpler program than PCAnywhere and uses a lot less resources so it would be faster.  Ultimately you are limited in speed by the dial up connection.


Expert Comment

ID: 11941403
VNC is a family of programs more than any single program -- if you need something that works well over a slow connection, you might try www.tightvnc.com, which can compress data using JPEG compression before sending it out over the Internet line.

Expert Comment

ID: 11942505
I liked using Famatechs Radmin found at http://www.radmin.com/ simple yet secure :)

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