Looking for a very secure Wireless G router

Hi. I want an 802.11G Wireless Router that includes WPA and logging such as hack attack alerts, logging of port scans, SPI, etc. Anotherwards, something really secure. What do you all recommend that isn't *too* expensive?
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rfgkevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the SMC2804WBR does all of the above, is cheap (alot of places have em on special offer atm with a free pcmcia card) and haven't had any problems with the 25 of em i installed.
Linksys WRV54G is what I use, and trust, and I'm a security consultant by trade. I set syslogging to a server and get everything. It has built in SPI firewall and supports WPA (post-purchase upgrade of firmware)

Fortinet just came out with a new wireless firewall that looks promising, but costs 4x the Linksys:

Sonicwall has a wireless fw that would be my second choice:

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