This is Actually an 802.11g Question. Have valid IP and can see the router, but can't get on the internet. FRUSTRATING!!!!

Well Gang Here’s another one for you.

So much for cutting and pasting from word!!! Any way check it out. I'd appreciate any feedback that I can get.


I. Wireless-G card sees the router and is assigned a valid IP Address; however there is no access to the internet.

A.      Used the “Network Monitoring software to configure the card.
1.      I disabled “Windows Wireless Network Configuration”

B.      I’ve lowered the RTS threshold to 2304 as advice by Linksys’ knowledge base with no joy.
C.      Keys Match
D.      SSIDS Match
E.      Pass Phrases match.
F.      “Shared Key” is enabled on both machines

II. The offending machine is seen by the router with the proper MAC and computer name.

III. Interesting tidbits

A.      The offending machine worked fine until it contracted a bug. Little man loves crackz sites and I think he got a bit o malicious scripts or worse. The router and cable modem were reset and the offending machine cycled.

B.      When trying to access, the status bar briefly (I Mean Very Briefly displays “website found” and it looks as if you can see a flash of the “Yahoo” home page, but it almost immediately changes to the “Page Cannot be displayed” Message that most of us are familiar with.

C.      The Network monitoring software that is included with the Linksys wireless-g cards reports the MAC addresses as being the same in both machines…………HUH?!!!!!!
1.      An ipconifg /all on each machine reveal totally different MACS. I’m assuming those are the correct ones since that tool gets its information right from the hardware. I’d LOVE to hear an explanation for this one.

Is there something I’m missing in the router settings?!

Any light any of you can shed would be greatly appreciated.

Lee (Agent1966)

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For test purposes, try booting the machine with the wireless card popped out. Once XP has booted and logged in, push the card in and let it associate then. If this works, it will tell us that the hardware settings may be in conflict. If it still does not work, then it may be something else. Have you tried re-setting the TCP/IP stack on the workstation:;en-us;Q299357
distribuidoracopydataConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi there, first of all, what you can try is setting your MTU to 1492,  download TCP optimizer from Use the custom settings, and put 1492 in the MTU settings box. Second, make sure you're not using the mac cloning feature on your router, this emulates the MAC of any computer you connect to, and sometimes cable modems need to connect to the first MAC address that the modem was first connected to. In other words, the modem won't work if the MAC address is different from the first machine that was connected to the modem. That's why routers have this cloning feature.
Hope this helps out..
agent1966Author Commented:
Thanks Distrib for the leads.

I do know that MAC cloning/spoofing is NOT enabled. Further, the only information comcast needed when I called to activate the account was the MAC on the Modem. They didn't ask for the mac of the NIC. The machine the router was configured on is using the same wireless-g card as the machine giving me the problem. It is NOT the NIC that was in the machine when the account was first activated and that machine works!!

I won't be able to try your suggestion for a few days, in the mean time all other advice that I can get is still welcomed.

Lee (agent1966)
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I have a Linksys Router and I was having the same problems with it. What I ended up doing was flashing the router and changing my wireless config to not use WEP keys anymore. That seemed to allow me wireless access, but I clearly narrowed the problem down to the Router and not a configuration on the workstation. I've already e-mail Linksys about the next upcoming firmware update and the only answer I got was something along the lines of "We're working on it."

Is your router getting a static or dhcp ip address?
if it is a dhcp address then the isp can log the router mac address, and by the nummber of the mac the isp sees that it is a router !! so they can block you, (because of fraud) if it is not allowed in your contract, to use more than one pc to use for internet.
therefore you can (must) use the mac of a desktop networkcard.

i now of experience that powersycling the router and modem does not allways works to get a new ip address of the dhcp server of your isp, if you ally get one by contract!!
you better use the cmd ipconfig /release !! and than ipconfig /renew on ther router to the internet !!

can you ping out of the router to a ip or fqdn ??

can you ping from you pc to the router ?? with ip , are alle the settings in you pc correct ??
Gatteway on your pc pointing to you router ??
test the local tcp/ip stack with pingen to you localhost or your ip adres?

agent1966Author Commented:
Dr. Know,

First, I REALLY like your monikor. I'm old JB fan. Second, thank you and everyone else for the advice.

Since posting my question, I've not had the chance to get over to my friends place to try any of the suggestion submitted to this point. It will probably be a few days before that happens.

Thanks all of you, and I will report in to EE after I get a chance to try the suggestions offerred. In the mean time If anyone else has ideas or concur with what has been presented thus far please offer your opinions/ideas up.


first, kan you explane "monikor" and JB ?  

second, about the mac addresses, when the are resolvd bij arp, the are stored in a arp cache

in a dos box use   arp -a to vieuw the translated mac adressen
and use arp * -d to delete all the translated mac adresses !!
agent1966Author Commented:

"Dr Know" (I thought) is play on the infamous character (Dr. No) made famous by Ian Flemings James Bond (JB). Thanks for the addtional direction. I will report in once all suggestions are tried.

drewtarvinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Coming from some of the suggestions above and a few of my own thoughts, I would:
- flash the firmware on the router
- get the newest drivers for the wireless NIC
- try the sequence of shut down the computer, turn off the router, turn off the modem, wait 30 sec turn on the modem, turn on the route, turn on the computer (not sure if this is what power cycle was as stated above)
- remove all security for temporary testing purposes and check for interenet access, then gradually add security to try to narrow down the problem if it works
- make sure the IP address is not 169. (assuming you know a valid ip)
- check the pc for spyware/virii/malware
- disable any firewalls on either the machine or the router temporarily for testing
agent1966Author Commented:
Hi all!

I've returned all of fthe linksys gear and gone with Dlink. The network that was giving me problems is up and working although the .11g standard has a little "growing up" to do.

  The router will from time to time lose a configuration point and have to manually returned. I guess I could flash the firmware!

Well, I've actually enjoyed the experience and look forward to putting a few more of these networks up for friends.

I love this forum!

glad that you could partial solve the problem.

but could i bee posible to distribute some point, for the persons (experts) that have helpt you ?

after all thats whats it is all about earing points !! and wisdom ofcourse !!

greeting from belium
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