How do i make backup copies of my dvd's

DVD's are expensive like audio cd's.  I'm a bugger for buying a £20 cd and dropping it around the car floor and it gets broke, and similarly with DVD's so how do I make a backup copy of my dvd's as they are very expensive in the UK and I dont want to lose my good copy.

I have the 8x LITEON dvd rw and when I try and copy a dvd it says the disk it not big enough?


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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
heres how I do it (i only have 1 DVD writer) - use DVD-R disks :)

1. Click on the following link to download DVD Shrink:">

2. Click on the following link to download Clone DVD:

3. Install both programs and run DVD Shrink with the desired DVD in your DVD drive.

5. Click the "Open Disk" button and choose your DVD drive.

6. DVD Shrink gives you a very simple interface to work with. Individual options depend on your own preferences. I usually remove languages like French to free up more room for video data (more space = less compression = better picture quality). Choose your options (you can also decide on whether to keep special features also) then hit the "Backup" button.

7. A little window will pop open asking you what folder to put your DVD files in. I usually save it to a folder on my desktop called "MV" or "Movie". It will also ask you about RCE encoding. I usually just hit OK. There will also be an option for "deep scanning".  I usually check this because it analyzes the video information better and gives you better picture quality.

8. It takes anywhere from 1 to 5 or more hours to back your DVD up depending on how fast your computer is, and if the original DVD doesn't have read errors (rare). I usually do my backups before I'm about to leave for the day, or I'm about to go to bed for the night.

9. Run Clone DVD

10. Choose the "Write Existing Data" button, then browse to the folder your movie is in, hit OK, pick a name for your movie, then burn it!

That's it! The fastest time I've backed up a movie and burned it was 1.5 hours.

Note: Clone DVD was written to be an all-in-one tool for backing up and burning DVD's, but it works best as just a burner. You'll get far better results using DVD Shrink as your "ripper". Good luck!
Well you need two DVD readers. One has to be a DVD writer. Copy from the DVD reader to the DVD writer. Short of that copy what is on on the DVD to your hard disk and then if you so choose copy what is on the DVD or on the Harddisk to the another DVD.
You cannot copy from a DVD to CD. You can copy from a CD to a DVD. DVD is whole different format an holds a whole lot more info than CD hence why DVD doean't tranfer data to a CD
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auraorangeAuthor Commented:
sorry I think i confused the issue

I have a dvd reader (A-open) and a dvd rw, I put the DVD in the reader and a blank (4.7gig / sp120min) DVD disk into the drive and it says the blank disk is too small capacity, but everyone else seems to be able to copy them, I was told that most people use the Pioneer copier and there is software you can download?

CD reader and writers don't recongnize DVD's. If you have Roxio. Nero, NTI they will copy the disk from the DVD device and paste it it the DVD in the DVD device. It is generally known as "Copying Disk"
Then Roxio. Nero, NTI will do the copying for you. What burning software do you have?
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
im using SONIC RECORD NOW DX ? i know... i've never heard of it either lol
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
have u got any links to nero etc>? i've read that nero comes in two flavours

1) cd copy

2) dvd copy
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you coying form a DVD reader to a DVD writer. Like I said if the device you are putting the DVD to be read is not a DVD reader then forget about it, the disk will not be read.

Here is a list of CD and DVD copiers and other things. Keep in mind Roxio tops PC magazines chart



NTI CD-Maker

CeQuadrat WinOnCD
No offense to my good freind PeteLong but I know Roxio is overall better then DVD clone. If you are going to spend your money spend it on something that has been tested thoroughly and shown to be at the top of the heap. Roxio and Nero beats anything out there bar none.
BTW the fore mentioned programs can burn DVD R's and DVD RW's and they are very flexible.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
petelong, thats absolutely fantastic! what wonderful pieces of kit,

crazyone u have given me great stuff too and lots of help!

im done!

many thanks,

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
no offense taken spence :0)

I personally use Nero at home and Roxio at work

I recommend the above for one reason - its free and it works, it shrinks the CD to the Hard drive then burns the compressed image back to CD (hence the need for only one DVD drive) - i picked this up while trying to find out weather to burn films to DVD+R or DVD-R disks downloaded the software and bad-a-bing! top quality backup.

Roxio or Nero will also burn the VOB files for you, as spence pointed out :) but this way wont cost you anything


I am trying to b/u movies on a DVD/R i have a Iomega dual layer writer 16x. win98

Pete-Long, are you saying that you compress with,
( i seem to not find the later link? )

and then you burn with nero 6.0, or Roxio?

does the shrink program decrytp the dvd-protection?

please advise
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
yes I do!

I could burn with Nero but (then I used CloneDVD)

Now I use DVDXcopy xpress (not Free) and its childs play :)
Dear Pete Long,

Thank you I really appreciate your help.

Bottom line is im trying to make backup's of my protected dvd-movies.

I have been have problems duplicating protected dvd 's, and to date after 3 weeks of trying I have not
made one successfull copy?

I have tried several programs including dvd-decrypt, dvd-cloner-II, clone-dvd.

In every case, including the Free-decrypt program, and taking into account that I have also
tried different dvd-movies ( all protected ). They are start out ok, but fail somewhere during
the process which cases my system to hang up, and the process to fail.

to help you understand:

I am using a Super Iomega usb2, 16x dvd writer dual layer capable.

Maybe my writer is not good for this purpose? do you know of a better writer for this purpose?
Maybe I should stick with internal-dvd writers which have a faster wider bus?
Purhaps I have dvd-drivers that are not for this purpose?

or someone mentioned a program call "DVD x Copy" which is $149.00, if it works I would be willing
to send the money, however the problem with DVD x Copy is that I read it does not come with
an CSS decryption routine.
Does it give you links to reliable CSS downloads?

Please Advise

Gee I forgot to mention the detail when the process fails.
It always fail on the read process ( or decrypt process ), I have not even gotten to the point of
During this process , my system is totally tied up, if I even move the mouse, the process
will fail !

-What is the reason for decrypting? do most home dvd player go through the process of
decrypting before they display video and sound?  Why can't we just drag and drop the .VOD files?

-Would the process be smoother if used 2(two) dvd machines, one that reads, and one that writes?
-Is the process better on XP as oposed to Win98?

Please advise
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