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Send / Receive e-mail error...,

Posted on 2004-08-06
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-08

At some point in the day, Outlook on my home computer will receive the error message, basically saying it couldn't connect.  It only does this once a day or so, and if I close that error message out and try to send / receive again it always works.  So it's not a matter of my connection working, it decides to throw a tantrum everyday.  :)  Anyhow...

The downfall of this, is that if this error happens while I am at work, the popup ever stays on the screen.  And in the mean time, Outlook will not try to reconnect unless I hit the "Cancel All" button to close out the warning window.  I have rules set in place that when specific people e-mail me, it's automatically forwarded to my work e-mail.

But what that error message being up on the screen at home, it stops sending me e-mails to my work.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe something that will force it to reconnect and avoid the warning message?

Thank you,
Question by:xp310
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Expert Comment

ID: 11734816
Interesting problem

Now what version of outlook you have ?

I hope you donot connect to Exchange server and that it is just a pop3 or IMAP account ? Right

What is the exact error message that you get in the send/receive dialog box ? Any number of the form
0x8****** gets displayed ?

Have you tried to recreate the email account by deleting it and creating again. Many times this solves the issue ?

How about turning off Firewall temporarily and turning off any anti-spam software ? Have you checked if that helps.

Make sure to update your outlook with the latest service pack (if any if you have not already done it)
going to http://officeupdate.microsoft.com 

Post back


Author Comment

ID: 11734869

1.)  It is the most recent version, which I believe is Outlook 2003.

2.)  I connect by using a POP3 account.

3.)  I don't know what the exact error messages says.  I'm at work right now so I wouldn't be able to check until it happened again.  But, I will add this as a note...  When my e-mail goes down, so does my yahoo messenger.  So something is cutting out the internet access, just for a few seconds.

4.)  Re-creating an e-mail wouldn't solve my problem.  Now that I've tried that specifically, but over the past year I have opened & closed many different e-mail address.  And this problem has been on going.

5.)  There was a point when I didn't have any antivirus or firewalls running.  I still had the problem even then.

6.)  I do have the latest service pack.

I don't think the issue is as so much about my computer or hardware.  I feel it resides with my ISP.  This is a small issue, and I feel my ISP would just blow over something like this.  That's why my main concerns is figuring out a way to get rid of that error message when it happens, or atleast to force Outlook to continue trying to connect afterwards.

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Expert Comment

ID: 11734894
> 4.)  Re-creating an e-mail wouldn't solve my problem.  Now that I've
> tried that specifically, but over the past year I have opened & closed
> many different e-mail address.  And this problem has been on going.

hope you have been using the same ISP for these many years .. Check with your ISP of any known issues

>> When my e-mail goes down, so does my yahoo messenger.  So something is cutting out the internet access, just for a few seconds.

My understanding from the above is that your internet gets disconnected.. Oh does it come back again automatically  after few seconds..

I would suggest you to create the same email account information in Outlook express in your home computer.
Check to see if send and receive emails is working fine.

BTW, when you create your email account in outlook express, make sure to go to properties of the email account
and check " leave message on server". Otherwise all emails from your email account server would come to your machine. Just a common mistake I do ..

May be the exact error message can give us some clue

Also can you access those emails over webmail. Do you see any pattern when this clogging actually occurs.. like when you receive attachments of larger size , from specific user only , make sure your rules if you had created in outlook doesnot interfere here..

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Author Comment

ID: 11734967

I have had my ISP for about 2 years.  I didn't really notice it until about a year ago.  At the time it really wasn't an issue cause back then I wouldn't leave Outlook open hours on end.  But lately, I always leave it open, so that's how I was able to see how frequuently this is happening.  It seems to happen, very late in the night.  Granted, through the past year, it has happened and my points in the day, but the majority of these are happening very late at night.

It only gets disconnected for the matter of a second or two.  And it always comes right back up.

As for the error message, I can't say specifically what it says, or the special coding number that is associated with that error, but I am more than posititive, it's the generic error message saying it couldn't contact the incoming or outgoing server & to check with your ISP.  Which granted every error message it instructs you to check with your ISP.

I do know I can access my e-mails through thier website, but I personally can't stand web-based e-mail.  It drives me insane :)

Do you know of any type of program that would automatically click the message, without me being thier to do so?
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Expert Comment

ID: 11734987

It may be difficult to suggest any automatic program  as I am still not clear what the error message is and why it would happen.

As I have said testing that email account in Outlook express would give us some idea whether it works there all the time deleting out ISP as the issue and problem with Microsoft outlook.

The only program that generally does automatic response is this http://www.snapfiles.com/get/clickyes.html
which I guess is not related to this issue atall..


Author Comment

ID: 11735022

I can understand your suggestion in trying it out in Outlook Express.  But if other programs are going down as well, that there tells me the issue doesn't reside with Outlook.  If it was ONLY Outlook that would loose a connection, then I can understand trying out Express.  But that really isn't the case here, as all internet type programs are loosing connections as well.

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Accepted Solution

sunray_2003 earned 750 total points
ID: 11735100
> I can understand your suggestion in trying it out in Outlook Express

Different experts have different opinions , Don't they ?

I surely think you should try it out in Outlook express just to make sure your ISP is not responsible here. Trying out in outlook express will tell couple of things (ofcourse if there is NO ISSUE at all or the issue that is seen in Outlook is not there)

a) There is no problem with Outlook express --- which we donot want to know
b) There is no problem with your ISP
c) There is no problem with your email account
d) Anytype of email whether big emails , html emails , Emails with attachments , Emails from anyone can go through fine.

Now if the same error occurs in Outlook express aswell, then it can say couple of things

a) There could be an issue with the ISP.. well I mean connecting to ISP and the actual connection
b) Something screwed up with your Email account
c) Something wrong in Outlook express ( this might be of interest to know)
d) Whether the type of emails that is causing error in Outlook also happens in Outlook express

>> But if other programs are going down as well, that there tells me the issue doesn't reside with Outlook.

It could be possible that Outlook might interfere with the overall Internet connection. The problem that we see here is only the Internet connection shuts down temporarily making other applications to go down as far as what I have heard from you.
Trust me I have seen many cases here in EE where downloading emails Outlook disconnects Internet ..

I would rather think recreating your profile in Outlook ( Deleting and recreating again) would/might/will solve the issue but I would rather suggest to do that may be at the last option or last but one option before repairing/reinstalling outlook


Author Comment

ID: 11735186

As for the type of e-mails that are causing this type of error, there isn't any.  It will even do this if no new e-mails are received.

As for Outlook Express, I wasn't aware that this program cause actually be the cause and result in cutting the internet connect to all program.  In knowing that, then ya, I'll give Outlook Express a shot tonight & see how it holds up.

If it does pin-point to Outlook being the cause of the problem, I would then have to re-install it.  But in a sense that won't do any good.  In the past year or so, I have installed Outlook 3 times, as I usually wipe out my computer two - three times a year.  Even after those complete wipes & re-installs the issue is always there.

Thank you for your suggestion SR.  I will post my results here tommorw.

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Expert Comment

ID: 11735208

>> If it does pin-point to Outlook being the cause of the problem, I would then have to re-install it.

Try to recreate your profile before reinstalling as that makes a difference. Recreating I mean , take a backup of all your outlook data and then delete the profile and create it again .

Post back how it goes


Expert Comment

ID: 11738792
go to help > check for updates. there are alot of updates surrounding outlook 2003. See if this helps....

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