Download Websites with non-html code.


Dose anyone known of a website downloading program that downloads the entire contents of a web page even if buttons have to be pushed?

I've tried Offline Commander, JOC Web Spider and others and it seems that the websites I go to, it requires a person to push online buttons and that is what the downloading application has a problem with.

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In this case, EE members agreement prohibits me from helping you any further, because the other site members agreement prohibits copying the website.
(Had to read that one twice)
-You can ask for points refund in Community support.
Teleport pro is the answer.
scbbAuthor Commented:
Thanks esmogen.  I tried to download and after you click the first tutorial, the web page is unavailable.  

Here's an example of what I am referring to:
Go to the community support area here:

and ask for points refund. I didn't help.
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