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Alternate configurations for Wireless LAN connection without rebooting?

I recently purchased a Netgear WG511 card for use with my Windows2000 laptop.

While the overwhelming majority of the network infrastructures that I'll be using this to connect with utilize DHCP, and for them this card works like a charm, ONE network I wish to use it with does not use DHCP.  In this ONE network's case, I have to have my card already configured with an IP address/Gateway/Mask/DNS server choice and so on.

While cumbersome, manipulating that configuration in WindowsXP is fairly simple.  But doing so in Windows2000 requires a reboot before the changes (to static IP and back to DHCP) take effect.  NOT exactly the way I'd like to take this machine.

Upgrading to WindowsXP is not feasible at this time or in the near future.  Its not even clear that the laptop in question, build in 2000, would even support WindowsXP.

Is there a way I can create ANOTHER  network connection, bound to the same network interface and having the same protocols bound to it, but with the TCP/IP configuration explicitly set up in advance.  And then, when inserting the wireless card, have Windows2000 prompt me for WHICH of the two configurations I wish to use?
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1 Solution

you could do it by adding a new network connection, have one auto config and one with static ip, just be sure to disable one before enabling the other, don't think you can get a prompt for this.

hope that this helps
jlw011597Author Commented:
Ah, but I already tried that.  Creating a NEW network connection doesn't seem to offer any way to tie to that wireless CARD.
It seems to want to be used exclusively to set up VPNs or direct connections or dialup connections or the like -- not re-discovering the card and creating an alternate logical interface to it.  At least by restating my request it's clear you understand what I need to do, however.  
no what i'm saying is that if you disable the static connection and use the software that can with your wireless card to open a new connection with it. then after you can disable and enable to use both
jlw011597Author Commented:
Let me understand this correctly:  

1) Remove the PCMCIA card with the wireless connection.
2) DISABLE the current connection.
3) Reinsert the PCMCIA card.
4) WinXP will try to create a NEW connection?
5) Let it do so, then assign the static IP address to one and the DHCP configuration to the other.
6) Re-Enable the connection desired.

Is that what you mean?

May be a moot point as the uber-management (those folks ABOVE the guy managing the non-DHCP
environment) have their own personal DHCP server and have graciously assigned my static IP to my
wireless card's MAC address in their server -- so it'll work as long as their desktop is up and running.

jlw011597Author Commented:
I've just accepted this answer by default -- easier than deleting the question.

As I said in my last comment, which asked for clarification and received none, the whole issue may be a moot point now
that I find that there is an uber-manager in the house who runs a DHCP server to overcome the shortcomings of the
network manager.
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