hotmail for Mac email

I can not get my OS X Mail program to recieve Hotmail emails.

What are the correct settings for this service?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are no settings to receive hotmail in OS X Mail without extra doodads. You have to use
I find it easiest to use Entourage, which interacts with hotmail very well.

However, weed's solution also works for mail. You will need the hotmail http address, which can be found in Exchange 2003 for windows when specifying a new hotmail account.
jmscruggs78Author Commented:
Weed - where are the screen shots for how to install it correctly?  Once I find those I can install the httpmail onto my laptop and let you know how it goes....

Screen shots for how to install it? Just follow the instructions in the documentation that comes with httpmail.
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