booting from recovery disk says "Wrong Machine"

Have about given up on recovering my system on Toshiba Satellite 5105-701.  Tried to reboot with the recovery disks that are labeled for that machine and did come with the machine 2 years ago.  I put the #1 disk in the drive and started it while holding down the "C" key to force a boot from the CD drive.
All I can get is the message "Wrong Machine".    Also tried to boot from a WinXP Pro disk but it refused to work as it was not the original disk.

Any ideas???
Thanks, RobertJ.
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tfjeffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
found this a few minutes later
might not work because the system model is different, but
it says:
Run Configuration Builder CD
Press F1 on prompt
after "WRONG MACHINE" message
type the following with returns


obviously there must be a utility in existance somewhere, because I found this for the 1800 series...

reading another forum:

about the dmi utilities and it says this:
It's only available to Toshiba Authorized Service Providers. It's usually specific to each model, part of the Tests and Diagnostics utilities.

looks like this forum also provides valuable advice on the matter:

good luck
have you had your motherboard replaced or flashed your bios at all?  Not sure specifically about toshiba machines, but some dell machines have a service tag or asset tag in the system bios and sometimes things like this won't work unless that is present.  If the motherboard is replaced or the bios has been flashed, you may have to configure that number back into the bios using a utility provided by toshiba.
good luck
snowman22Author Commented:
Good information ... However some other research indicates that a new software program (Nero6 Ultra plus downloads to update) is involved in this mess.  It fouled up my other machine for sure.  The program works fie until some things change.  Not usre what yet but I am working on it.

Any other info or possibilities would be appreciated.

Thanks for your input.
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snowman22Author Commented:
Also wanted to specifically address your suggested possibility.... The machine is just over 2 years old.   I have updated the ROM BIOS when Toshiba  recommended it... that was 18 months ago.  No other changes.  Thanks again.   RobertJ.
I don't understand how any software could be involved, however, I'm also not exactly sure how toshiba's recovery CD is designed.  Do you have to run the recovery CD from windows or do you just boot to it?  What OS are you running?  If software is involved you may be able to boot to a bootable floppy and run a debug or use fdisk to remove the OS partition, after doing this, software really couldn't be involved so it wouldn't interfere...(of course there is the possibility that you would still have the problem after that, which would pretty much render the laptop useless until you found the use caution if you decide to go this route, infact, before going this route you might want to contact toshiba)
I did a bit of research of my own, and it looks like you need to post your question to a compuserv or toshiba message board...
read this
several other places also referred people to the compuserv message board for this problem, it does appear the problem was caused by flashing the bios, just as I beleived.
--There is a prom on the motherboard that stores "DMI" information, one
item of which is the model number of the machine. The restore CD checks
this, and if it doesn't agree with what the restore cd expects, the
restore CD won't run. There is a program floating around that allows
changing the DMI information, you need to get a copy of that. However,
equally important (although it sounds almost trivial), you need to find
out what EXACTLY you need to set it to once you get the program.

I'd suggest posting on the Toshiba help forum (there's an entry portal
from the Toshiba web site in the support section). Some of the people
there will have the necessary program and information. --

you might also try this, but I can't get it to open in my browser, it says there are errors on the page, and the links are javascript popups that won't open correctly

so this seems similar to the dell thing I mentioned, the problem is you have to have very in depth knowledge of toshiba laptops to answer this, and I don't.  I'd recommed one of the mentioned message boards OR toshiba...wait around long enough and you might even get a response on here though, there are a lot of specialized people.
snowman22Author Commented:
Good ideas... I will check it out this weekend.
why don't you just call toshiba and sak them to send you a new cd recovery set as thinking that the other one is bad.
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