Add Appointment/Meeting to two Outlook calendars, one in my computer and the other is in another user's computer

This is want I would like to do:

1) User A fills out a form in Microsoft Access 2002 using computer A
2) User A clicks a button on the same form to create an appointment/meeting with this information
3) This appointment should be saved in the current user's calendar (User A, computer A), Outlook 2002
4) The appointment should also be saved in another user's calendar (User B, computer B), Outlook 2002
5) Create daily reminders for each appointment

Users A and B log into their computers (which use Windows XP Pro) using their domain accounts, since these computers are connected to our network. We use Windows 2000 Server with Exchange Server 2000.

I was able to do steps 1-3, but I haven't been able to update the other user's calendar. I know that I can create a meeting and invite this user, but this would become too annoying for the user, since he would have to accept every single time. There could be more than ten appointments daily.

Also, can I create daily reminders for a meeting or would I have to create a separate recurrent appointment for the reminders?

Thank you for any help that you can give me.
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Creat a rule which is fired when (OL2002 et al):
Apply this rule after the message arrives
(restrict to with a specific word in subject)
uses the form name form (select Meeting request form from Application forms)
run ascript (select your macro with the respond method)

the scipt in VBA will be such as (adjust tour need):
sub autoAcceptMettingRequest ( objMsg As MeetingItem) ' only meeting item should enter there

Dim myNewMeeting As AppointmentItem
Set myNewMeeting = objMsg.GetAssociatedAppointment(True)
myNewMeeting.Respond olResponseAccepted, True
set myNewMeeting = nothing
end sub
I was thinking that this may be a homework question, but you would not be assigned something for homework that is impossible.

You have it right.  You cannot autoaccept a meeting or create one on another user's calendar automatically.  The only method of achieving this (I have encountered it before between a VFP program I wrote and OL97) is to create a meeting and send the invitation.  Once it is accepted it is then added to the target calendar.
Can you do this?

Have User B assign write permissions to User A and create a shortcut for User B's calendar on User A's Outlook Bar.

After User A creates the appointment in his/her own calendar, drag a copy of the appointment to User B's calendar.
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cindyrodAuthor Commented:
Thank you both slink9 and meintsi.


How would I assign write permissions for User A to modify/read User B's calendar? How would I create a shortcut?


Is there any method in VBA to accept a meeting?

I'm just a beginner with Outlook, so any more ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
That would be a good question to ask at

I am sure it can be answered by Stefri either here or there.  I will send him an email and see if he knows of one.
will myAppt.Respond olResponseAccepted, False, True do the trick?
Using a mix of rules Wizard using a script on appointment item and the respond method may do what you want
Check Respond Method in Object Viewer help

The rule and script must be installed for all users.
BTW: ten appointments a day....when have they time to work ;-)
cindyrodAuthor Commented:
I think that the script, the respond method, and rules Wizard will do the trick. I'll try tomorrow when I have access to the users' computers.

About the reminders, is it possible to create a recurrent reminder for a not recurrent appointment? For instance, if they have an appointment for Wednesday, would it be possible to create a recurrent reminder that will pop up on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, even if they click "Dismiss." I don't think this is the best way to remind them, but it's how they want it.

Thank you for all of your help.
Looks like you're getting where you need.

In response to permissions, User B needs to right-click their calendar & select properties.
On the permissions tab, they can add User A.

Good Luck

cindyrodAuthor Commented:
If I write a macro that will run every time that a new e-mail with a specific subject is received, how do I get a pointer/object for that specific e-mail (which is the meeting request)?
cindyrodAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your input. I'm working on it. I'll keep you posted.
cindyrodAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your input.

stefri, your code worked perfectly!! Thank you so much!
cindyrod ,
So Slink9 was right....;-)
Hapyy you solved your problem

I am still tuned but facing tremendous bunch of work at office. Few freetime to enjoy EE company: I usually prefer to go to bed and try to rest a little before the next working day


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