How can I get internet connection for all computer in network?


I got a netword of 2 computers (they all use winXP). One of them is connected to the internet (broadband). They can see each other but how can I get the internet connection for the other?
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AshuraKnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's the overview of ICS

And how to setup

If you come accross a problem, post back here :)

Sorry I can't give you step-by-step solution because I'm sleepy (it's almost 2.00 am here)
So I'll get back to you tomorrow :)

Gd luck
Use internet connection sharing
I presume u're using cross over ethernet cable ?
sabasAuthor Commented:
yes, I'm using cross over cable.
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the easiest way to share a broadband connection is by buying a router with a built in switch.   Hasn't failed me once.
for 2 computer it only cost a cable and 2 nic :)
well if you want to buy a hub / switch that's ok too :P
sabasAuthor Commented:
you're right,  AshuraKnight. I don't think we need a hub/switch. Cross over cable is enough.
sabasAuthor Commented:
Bad luck for me because my ISP uses PPPoA as opposed to PPPoE. So it's not compatible with ethernet standard. So please let me know any possible solution you may have.
buy a cisco 836 router. Run the web interface and yo will be up in about 10 minutes. Plu both machines in the ports on the router and you are done. And ready to rumble.
Get a switch / hub it's not expensive :)
I use a router and I only have two machines
benifits of a router
hardware firewall
off loads the task of routing/sharing from the ICS host
both machines do not have to be on
avoid MTU issues with the client
easier port forwarding
I have found it is faster than when I used ICS
d-link and linksys make good residential gateways (read router) for about $50 US

but it's your call
If you want to use ICS
for step by step

see here

sabasAuthor Commented:
I rang my ISP to ask them about the internet connection for networked computers. They said I can't have ICS on other computers because I chose D-Link DSL 200 USB Modem which does not allow to share the internet. I have to switch to another one that would do.

Thank you all anyway,
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