DVD Studio Pro Warning


Every time I burn a project in DVD Studio Pro, i get the following warnings in the log section: "warning, the file VOB_DATA.LAY will not be included in the final disc"  and "warning, the file Yale Music Video Demo.lay will not be included in the final disc".

I can delete the above files, but they will return on subsequent burns of the same project.


Rob Yale
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mjcornConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am getting the same warnings and I am also taking something from iDVD over to DVDS Pro, so perhaps it is a conversion issue. as long as the disc plays I will be happy.
robyaleAuthor Commented:
I guess no one here uses DVDSP?

this is not so much in response to this question as to your hope to sync up Entourage with your Blackberry

I just received this this release from PocketMac.

By the way, are you the Rob Yale from Toronto who worked with Jane Siberry in the 80s?

If so, this is Steven Hain. And hello

hope this new release of PocketMac helps with Entourage


      Subject:       Steven, Is Of Interest To Your Audience?
      Date:       August 19, 2004 5:40:29 AM EDT
      To:         dgr@macdmz.com


    A short while ago, you had requested NFR copies of our PocketMac
line of products. I'm writing you again today because we have a new
product that I thought might be of interest to you.

    We've just released PocketMac BlackBerry Edition, which is the
first tool of its kind that connects RIM BlackBerry handhelds to
Macintosh computers and lets them synchronize data back and forth.

    Until this product was created, Mac users had no way to sync
their crucial personal data (contacts, calendar events, tasks, & 
notes) to their BlackBerry handheld. This has been one of our most
popular requests from users who love the power of the BlackBerry
handheld and want to sync it with their Mac.

    As you can imagine, this tool adds the vital capabilities that
Mac users need to maximize their investment in a BlackBerry handheld.
(I've also included our Press Release at the bottom of this email.)

    To request an NFR/review copy of PocketMac BlackBerry Edition,
please reply to this email. I will personally get you an NFR/review

    Also, for more information, please visit

Thank you in advance,

Tim Goggin
***************Press Release Follows***************

    For Release On Or After:
    August 19, 2004

    PocketMac Blackberry Edition Syncs Macs & RIM BlackBerry
Handhelds For The First Time

    La Jolla, CA--August 2004--Information Appliance Associates,
creators of the original Mac-to-Pocket-PC sync solution, announces
the new release of PocketMac Blackberry Edition, the first ever tool
to sync Mac users' data with RIM BlackBerry handhelds.

    "We're incredibly excited," said Terence Goggin, CTO of
Information Appliance Associates. "After 14 months of engineering and
testing, we're proud to release this unique tool that for the first
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What's more, we've made sure no one's left out -- older serial-based
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    PocketMac BlackBerry Edition includes all of the great features
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    * Entourage Contact Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry Edition syncs
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    * OS X Address Book Contact Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry
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    * Now Contact Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry Edition syncs in
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    * Entourage Calendar Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry Edition syncs
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    * iCal Calendar Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry Edition syncs
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    * Now Up-To-Date Calendar Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry Edition
syncs Calendar events from Now Up-To-Date to the BlackBerry.

    * Entourage Tasks Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry Edition syncs
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    * iCal Tasks Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry Edition syncs Tasks
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    * Now Up-To-Date Tasks Synching--PocketMac BlackBerry Edition
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robyaleAuthor Commented:
Hi Steven,

Yes, I'm still the same Rob Yale I was in the 80s when I worked with Jane! ;-)

Steven; have we met and I'm just suffering from a bout of "old-timers disease?"  And furthermore, how in the world did you know about my desire to get my Blackberry working with Entourage?  In any case, I'm grateful that you've provided me with that solution - even if it has nothing to do with DVDSP!



Feel free to email me privately if you want.
Hello Rob

you were the one who introduced me to Jane when I worked at SES beside the Bistro.
Summer of 86 when she was starting The Walking.

I saw your question on Entourage posted elsewhere and replied to it as macdmz.

I would email you privately but this list doesn't seem to provide the appropriate link.

so here is mine

I am now a member of the apple consultants network

i like long walks on the beach and i'm a virgo.... BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Where's a moderator when you need one.

Is your DVDSP a mb issue? I've used the program for only a little while but have yet to encounter a similar error. Try saving a smaller version of your DVD project that is well under the size limitation and see if you still get the same error.
robyaleAuthor Commented:
Frankly I'm glad to have at least gotten an answer to a question that I didn't even ask - syncing BB to Entourage.

And no, it isn't a mb issue - the project is less than half a gb, but gee, thanks for playing! ;-)

Just joking around but that whole string was kind of different to see.
Anyway... A couple of questions.  Are you manually copying the VIDEO_TS folder to the disc (bypassing the DVD Studio Pro format process)?  

As part of the build process, DVD Studio Pro creates two additional files in the
VIDEO_TS folder. A VOB_DATA.LAY file and a .layout file. The .layout file uses your disc name.

If so, be sure not to copy the above files to the disc. Most DVD players will ignore them if they are present in the VIDEO_TS folder on the final disc, but some will be unable to play the disc.

It doesn't seem that if you you use the built in format process that this would/should be an issue. The only other thing I would check out is to try shortening the name to a more universally compatible name like "YaleMusic"
robyaleAuthor Commented:
Hmm. Well, I suppose DVDSP ignores the files anyhow, so they aren't hurting anything.  But to address what you said; I have been using the DVDSP built-in process all the way.  I would build, and then then format the disc.  The main reason I'm using DVDSP is because iDVD does such a lousy job of burning DVDs, that I got DVDSP 3.0 so that I could import the IDVD project and then take advantage of Compressor.  At some point when my workload settles down, I'll go through the learning curve with DVDSP, but until then I have my hands full with audio applications.

How can the accepted answer be nothing more than a confirmation that someone else is having the same problem????? This is a joke. I gave an answer that is the correct answer and even the user acknowledged that.
Well, the problem was that he was going from iDVD to DVD Studio Pro. I finally found the answer at Apple's site after some digging. You had the correct information, but the actual problem is that DVDSP has some trouble reading iDVD projects and causes that warnign message to appear, it does nothing to the functoning of the disc.

As you mentioned, those files are created by DVDSP for the project, but should not be on the disc. I assume he was doing the same thing as me and just burning the disc straight from DVDSP. Those files should have been ignored, but instead cause a warning because of the translation from iDVD to DVD Studio Pro.

So neither of us had the full answer and if it makes you feel better, I was given a poor grade for my half answer.
robyaleAuthor Commented:

You were wrong on several issues:

1) You said "be sure not to copy the above files to the disc", when the error message clearly states "warning, the file VOB_DATA.LAY will not be included in the final disc".  So here you obviously didn't read the question very carefully.

2) You said "it doesn't seem that if you you use the built in format process that this would/should be an issue".  But I've been using the built-in format process, as my question implied when I said "every time I burn a project in DVD Studio Pro..."

3) You suggested "Try saving a smaller version of your DVD project that is well under the size limitation and see if you still get the same error".  But my entire disc is very small - half a gig.

4) You were obnoxious, and continue to be obnoxious.

And finally, I awarded acceptance to mjcorn because he was civil, and provided me with confirmation that I'm not actually insane - the problem is really not much of a problem at all.  In fairness, as he points out, I gave him a poor grade for the answer, but rewarded his civility with points.


1. My post is taken verbatim from the DVD Studio Pro help page. It's warning you NOT to copy those files to the disc so that you DON'T get the warning message and as I stated it may work on YOUR DVD player but Apple cautions you that it may not work on all.

2. Sorry I was unclear. I meant the built in format process of BUILDING your project in DVDSP instead of iDVD and importing it... a project is formatted as well as a disc.

3. That was my first post and recanted once you replied with the size of your files.

4. I'm obnoxious because a question about DVDSP has almost 2 screens of unrelated posts including some kind of reunion. I'm frustrated because users like you post a question and use the answers and suggestions but aren't courteous enough to close questions once your need is satisfied. No offense to mjcorn but his last post confirms that my answer was correct (or in his words half correct). If you want to nitpick... how can you give anyone a low grade for an answer... it's your question that was a "C". If you had bothered to read the help page yourself you wouldn't have even needed to post your question. But you did and mjcorn or I provided you with the most complete information available about the error. If you just like to chat why not go join friendster or myspace.
robyaleAuthor Commented:
You've already taken up too much bandwidth with your whinging and whining. Three posts taken up with your complaining, and only a lame attempt at an answer to a perfectly reasonable question!

You didn't get the points.  Get over it and move on.

It's a free country and I can as you say "whing" all I want. By the way I see you've answered tons of questions... you must be a top notch superstar guru level? I've only answered a few but have received positive feedback when the authors have bothered to close the questions properly. Your question was lame... the answers were correct and more thought out than your question. Why don't you spend some time answering some questions and see how it goes for you. People (like me and mjcorn) actually took time to do what you didn't and looked for answers to your question. Some probably even tested some rips in the software to try and see if we got the same results and provided as complete an answer as possible. Don't be a leech. Be a participant.
robyaleAuthor Commented:
Yes, I've been a member (a paying member) for a very short time, and in that time I've answered only one question.  I've actively looked for questions I can answer, and will continue to do so as time permits.

As for the rest of your comment, how can any question possibly be lame?  The whole purpose of this site is to help people who are technically challenged.  For that matter, clearly the question was challenging, since I didn't get a completely satisfactory answer in over a month. As for how well throught out my question actually was; it didn't seem like that was the issue that made the question difficult.  The question was a simple and accurate query about an error message.  Do people normally respond so aggressively to posts that displease them?

Finally, my area of expertise is in music.  I've been making music with computers since the early '80s.  I bought my first Mac in 1985, and have used them continually since then.  I recently owned a recording studio in Toronto, and built the Linux network that runs the place, and set up the apache mail server, and the qmail email system.  I taught myself how to do that.  I've done a fair amount of programming for multimedia as well, and have released commercial products in that genre.  In addition, I've built many PCs - some of them for others in the music industry.  I've built my own water-cooled system, a peltier-cooled syste, and built a hyperthreading machine into a VapoChill phase-change cooler.  Currently my setup includes:

G5 Dual 2.0 with 2.5 GB ram
PowerBook 15" 1.5Ghz with 763mb ram (for studio sessions)
I installed an 8x DVD burner
FW800 drives with the Vienna Symphonic Library
Half a terrabyte of samples
RME HammerFall DSP PCI card
RME HammerFall Multiface
UAD-1 DSP PCI card
23" Apple display
Logic Pro 6.4.2
Cubase SX
DVD Studio Pro (which I only use for burning my demo reel)
Tanoy Active Reveal speakers
Yamaha SW-10 subwoofer
Mackie analog console
Sony Umatic playback machine
AMT-8 midi interface
Nuendo Timelock Pro
Focusrite mike pre
Alesis QS 8.1 (as master keyboard)
Mackie Control Universal control surface
More Virtual Instruments than you can imagine
Live 4.0
Reason 2.5
Recycle 2.0
Virtual PC 7.0 running XP
I talk to my Linux boxes via X11

All of the above software I can safely claim to be an expert on, with the exception of DVD Studio Pro.  Unfortunately I don't have the cycles to address the learning curve.  But then again, I really don't need it for more than burning my demo reel.  Feel free to check out my main area of expertise at http://www.yalemusic.ca

Thanks for your comments, and best wishes,

Rob Yale

Currently my setup
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