Filemaker Server 5.5

Are there any web pages or quick instruction guides on the internet that would provide instructions on how to set up Filemaker Server 5.5?

I have set up Filemaker Server 5.5 right now and put the databases that I want it to host in the program's directory, but when I go to the "hosts" button on another computer in the office the databases do no show up, even when I input the IP address of the server that is running Filemaker Server.
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billmercerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are some quick things to check, some may seem "too obvious" but I've found it never hurts to check the obvious.

1. Is the FM server actually running? Check the status of the Filemaker Server service by looking under Services. If it's not running, try starting it. If you start the service and it stops itself again immediately, then you may have a problem with your installation.

2. Did you put the database files in the folder after starting the server? If so, try restarting the FMServer to make sure it recognizes the files you added.

3. Make sure the database is actually opening your files. After starting the server, look at your FMServer logs. THere should be lots of entries, including both both errors and information about successful events. Look for errors at the time you tried to start the service, read them and and correct any problems they mention.

You didn't specify a platform, but for a Windows server, you use the event viewer under administrative tools. For Linux, look in /var/logs. For the Mac version, I think the log is stored in the same folder as the server application itself.

4. Are you trying to host a single-user database? Open the file in the FM Client app, and look at Sharing. Make sure the files you are trying to host are set as Shared, not Single User. The server won't host single-user files.
(There's also an option in the server settings to allow FMServer to host single-user files, but this is probably not  going to do what you really want.)

5. Make sure you're using TCP/IP on both client and server. If either is set for IPX, you won't get a connection, but won't see any errors either.

6. You could have a security policy or firewall setting preventing access to the server. Make sure FMServer's internal security is set to allow connections from your IP address. Also make sure port 5003 is not being blocked from local access by a firewall or something.
lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I can remember, the files must be in a sub folder of the FM server folder to be opened automatically at startup.
Otherwise use:
filemaker_server open [folder_path] for all files in a folder or
filemaker_server open [file] for a given file.
If still not visible, it is not shared before being put on server.
tabushConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Easiest way to have FM Server open your databases it to put the databases in a dedicated folder (d:\filemakerdata) and then put a shortcut to that folder in c:\program files\filemaker\filemaker server 5.5\

This way you can keep your data where it should be and not worry about scripting/commands.
And yes, unfortunately FM5.5 Server for Windows doesn't have the best management/status panel.
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interesting! does it work for both shortcuts to folders and files?
I never tried making a shortcut directly to the file itself. My guess is that it should work.
I've got FMServer 5.0, and I decided to try the shortcut approach. It worked for the folder, but when I tried dropping a file shortcut in the server folder, it didn't recognize it. But I remembered that FMSever looks at the file extension, and Windows shortcuts actually have a hidden extension of .LNK. So I then tried adding the .LNK extension to the recognized file types in the fmserver console. It worked!

The only downside is doing this will make the server try to open any shortcuts in the folder, which could generate spurrious errors. If that's a problem, you could always use hard links instead of shortcuts.  
This has been an educational thread for me.
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