500 SITE not understood

Hey Guys...Need Help!!!

I have a unix box with linux redhat, and for some reason, the server has stopped offering the CHMOD via FTP function. You know, you can access via FTP, and then right mouse click a file or folder, and choose properties, and change the permissions to 770, 755, 777 and so on. My server used to offer this function, but stopped doing so straight after a script I was installing returned an error. I did not think twice, cause we all get the unix based error code if the script is not configed right. But now I have to log into my server via the interface, and access the file management, and then change the permissions, which is long winded. With FTP, I could choose 100 files, then right mouse click, and change them all in a flash, but now it takes me all day. I have asked my providor for help, but as I am a deadicated client, then simply suggest a $50.00 an hour service change, and loads of red tap before they will work on it. I am not an expert, hence my subscription to you guys, but if there anyway I can as a noob, adjust or get this function back myself. The code my FTP client reports is below:

( 1 ) I create a folder on root called "New Folder"
( 2 ) I right mouse click it and offer a 777 CHMOD command
( 3 ) It return the following?

500-'SITE CHMOD 777 New Folder' not understood.
500 SITE not understood.
500 CHMOD not understood.
Server does not support attribute modifications
Failed [Server does not support attribute modifications]

Any suggestions...help will be rewarded with shouts of glee....followed by beer drink till dawn..!!!

Thanks in advance
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NetminderConnect With a Mentor Commented:

No harm done; we're glad you solved your problem -- that's the whole idea in the first place.

I'll refund your points and close this question for you.

Site Admin
I am not an expert with Linux or Unix.  But if you haven't already, I would suggest you either move, or re-post this question in the Unix or Linux OS topic area.  Or the Unix or Linux Programming area.

Really wish I could help, but i would imagine you would get better response out of those areas.

Cheers =]

The host ftp server does not support the "SITE" command. So this means since "Site" is not possible, you will not be able to send the "SITE CHMOD" command to set permissions on file(s) or folder(s).

If it was working befor, then probably SITE EXEC is disabled, search the helpfile from the ftp server and redhat for further assistance.

read more http://nuke.thaihealth.net/contentid-26.html (search for "500 site")
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The message you posted says quite clearly: "Server does not support attribute modifications"
cdcookAuthor Commented:
Dear Experts

Ref: My Question Issues

I am a rent paying customer, who uses this service now and again, to be honest, find that most question offered, even though clearly outlines gain less than adequate responses, with this question being my latest. This question was abandoned, and the suggestions offered were less than I would expect from such a valued resource. The problem has been resolved now by myself, who ended up searching the Internet, and found a small item posted on a message board, which offered the help I required. With the aid of this information, not from here I might add, I was able to fix the problem in a matter of minutes. I really feel I have been robbed of my monthly subscription, because as to date, no questions that have been offered by myself have received an answer worthy of any points. This service is controlled and operated by experts, or so were are lead to believe, and yet the answer to this question was a simple one, but none of you so called experts gave me the answer, and yet it came from a FREE source which took me time not money to locate. If the owner of this service reads this posting, you should take note of my rants, because like all of your clients, we pay your wages. In closing this post, I also feel abandoned, and would like a refund of money paid out via subscription, due to less than adequate service. If you can provide to me that I have had what is classed as typical instruction and the best help, then post your reply here, cause I would like to hear them.

I await your reply to this matter

Subscription Paying Abandoned Customer

As one of the "so called experts" I feel a need to reply.
I don't get and don't need to get payed for contributting over here.  
For me EE is a place to share knowledge and learning a few things on the way.

In this question you provided little information.
This is not a problem, mostly the information is gathered in the proces of finding the answer together.
In this question you didn't had the courtesy to reply to my comment or to update the question.

I find that verry impolite and will think twice before participating in one of your questions.

cdcookAuthor Commented:
Dear Sir

You may take any action you feel required, I was only putting my points across as a paying subscriber. I am sure if the boot was in reverse, you would want value for your dollars, which I feel I have not been given. What is the point in hiring and paying for a TV repair man to fix your TV set, then ending up lending him your tools. You suggest I gave little information, well it was allot more than I entered into a search engin to gain the correct solve I can tell you. I am not suggesting this service is at fault, I am just suggesting that for my past subscription value paid, I have had little or no help with the few such issues offered for resolve. Further more, being a subscription paying client, I would expect more return for my dollars, which I feel I have not had to date...enough said!!

I await your reply to this matter

Subscription Paying Abandoned Customer

I responded to you as an member of EE, I'm not part of EE staff .
I agree with your semi-final statement: enough said.

(woman, btw...)

cdcookAuthor Commented:
Dear Service Users

Yes, I hear you load and clear, and maybe I was a little wrong in my judgements concerning the service in general. I would like to say sorry to those experts who I have wronged in some way. I agree with you, not offering my question in the right area is an inssue with myself, and one that could result in less viewing. I stand corrected in this matter, and will in future try and place my question in the right section.

The answer to the question that I located was this:

I was told to run the same script again twice to get the same error twice....and the CHMOD would start working as normal, so I did what was suggested........and it started working again....LOL. Silly really, but that was the information I located in my search for an answer to this problem. I must admit though, I was thinking what you are right now, but it worked........don't ask me how.....but it did...HAPPY!!!!

Sorry again to those offended..my fault...!!!

apology accepted.
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