Hi it is a pentium 2 computer.

has been working fine .

win 98

until recently everytime i start the computer up it goes to bios automatically. I don't touch anything it just goes to bios.

Please help.

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What type of computer is it
(eg. DELL Demension 4400, IBM Thinkpad 755)
Is it a desktop or a Laptop?
If you go over to boot (or down to it) make sure the boot order is Floppy, Hard Disk, CD-ROM.
If it says somethig like " BIOS settings not correct", try a new CMOS battery ( silver thing about the size of a nickle )

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Informative instructions with images:

Earth yourself with the proper anti-static wrist-strap or touch the PC's metal case while you have the case open.  Don't handle the battery too much as this type of battery doesn't like to have grubby fingerprints all over it.

PeteLong's accepted comment here discusses the CMOS battery to an extent:

Other relevant pages on this site regarding CMOS battery:
Thank you much.    : )
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