Passing of an array from Form1.h to Form2.h

Suppose an array is created in Form1.h. How can it be passed to Form2.h?
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amit1978Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can create the global array which is accessable from form1.h and form2.h

judicoAuthor Commented:
I had a similar problem in VB.NET. There I solved it by declaring the arrays in the Module1. So far, the only way VC++ allows me to declare String *data[] = new String*[ 1000 ]; is as local. -- doesn't accept it declared outside  __gc or outside public: System::Void button1_Click or even inside public: System::Void button1_Click but outside try.
judicoAuthor Commented:
I giot it ... this can be done through using static members ...
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