Change SSId on workstations

 I have a project where I have to deploy 300 workstations they are all comming with primaged hard drives. I might have to change the SSID how do I do this? I am sorry for the silly question just wantto make sure. thank you in advance
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bluefrog10Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There's a free software from SysInternals called NewSID :

Nabeeh ElDarderySenior Team Leader, Global Office ITCommented:
IF you want to install a new system on these machines

1. Install Windows on one machine then instal all required Applications and configurations
2. Run SysPrep.exe;en-us;302577&sd=tech 
3. Then Take an image of your harddrive using 3rd Party Tool (Norton Ghost or
4. Deploy this image using this 3rd Party tool to all harddrives

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