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If you're going to buy a new PC, and what would you choose b/w these two?

1GB (1024 MB) DDR 400 PC3200 TWINMOS

PC2 Its kinda the same, I wrote up in details:
(DTK Computer)
HB 100 OR 200 GB SATA
GFORCE 4 5700
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PC 2 if its got an asus mobo in it as well...

I've had more problems with AMD cpus than you can believe!

However the AMD system is using asus stuff whichi is very good choice.
Looking at the details above, they appear to be pretty much the same, only real difference is the processor.  Myself personally I like AMD products...they are cheaper, and work just as well IMHO as an INTEL chip.  I would go with PC1.  Don't take my word for it, its just an opinion.  While I've never had any problems with AMD, it appears asodohatch has -- you should read some reviews on that particular processor and see what others  have to say, as I've never used it.

The only real difference is the cpu, as munkyxtc noted above.  An Athlon64 should be better than the P4 of the same speed rating, except in video processing.  Here's a comparison of Athlon64 and other cpus:

A64 2800+, 3000+, 3200+, 3400+, AXP 3000+, A64 FX51, A64 FX53,
P4EE 3.2, P4EE 3.4, P4 3.2, 3.0, 2.8, P4 3.2E, 3.0E, 2.8E
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If I did not have the overclocking experience i do then I would chose the AMD. Becuse I will make that P4 run at almost 4GHZ I would take the intel system provided its not an intel board ASUS only.
The way I look at it , you've already subconsciously picked one ;) You gave exact specs of the Athlon and left out some important things about the P4 specs. (Memory speed and FSB Speed) I'd say if you like the Athlon go with it. It's all a matter of opinion anyway. (I'm partial to P4's and love P4's so, Myself I say get the P4)

What motherrboard chipset is on mobo?.....What CPU?....
Most importantly do they match...
I personally like the 875P chipset.....well known, tested, stabile solution...Intel has a better rep..(I've had a fair share of headaches from althon64 series)

I'd vote for the pentium 4 .....from a simple hardware view they make more sense...

AMD's usaully run hotter, they have a wierd FSB speed...keep in mind that your memory in dual mode DDR400 is only going run at 800mhz, its not going care that your FSB is running at 1200...the actual CPU is only 2.0ghz...The Amd's tend to be finicky about RAM most motherboard manfacturers have approved vendor lists...

Pentium 4 875p has a 800FSB, memory clock runs at 400mhzx2....system clock is 200mhz etc...use any decent dual rated ddr400 ram, easy setup, no funky driver probelms at install time...etc...

But as the above posts just a matter of opinion...
peritoXAuthor Commented:
thanks for all of you're replies
Well its not like it appears, I just typed the AMD PC first, thats why it looks I want it but in truth I am thinking of getting the DTK, Intel Computer Because I've heard many ppl had problems with AMD specially with hardware being ssooo hot and stuff
but the reason I didnt make up my mind is because
AMD 64 bit
Intel 32 bit

do you think this is a real problem? Or that doesnt matter?
Here's the scoop on 64-bit computing:,3973,231,00.asp

It probably won't make much of a difference to you right now, because of the lack of 64-bit software (especially the OS, which is not in production release yet).
peritoXAuthor Commented:
Windows Longhorn
is it 64 or 32 bit?
peritoXAuthor Commented:
oh.... I think Im getting the Intel PC & upgrading to 64 bit when its there and in a good price....
peritoXAuthor Commented:
now Im so confused I was talking to someone and he told me to take AMD because....but isnt DTK Compurter best?
Im very confused, this is what he said

 the AMD chip itself that gets hot... but as long as you install thge heatsink properly and have the right amount of fans theres nothing to worry about... and if you want for extra safety why not set the temperature alert on your motherboard to shutdown your computer if the processor gets to hot. I dont see what your worried about mate. Iv used AMD athlon on this comp... and personally i think its BETTER than Intels crap. Also.... if heat was such an issue... you really think AMD would still be in the processors market? Exactly... there chips are FINE.... just make sure you install the heat sink properly (no need to worry about that if its brought off a manufacturer and your not building it yourself like i had to) and theres no need to worry about the temperature getting so hot it burns ya chip out cus you can set a safety measurement in your BIOS menu of your motherboard.

AMD Rules man... i no from experience from having used both Pentiums and AMD's!

Also... AMD i found is better for GAMES as well... example... get a game produced from BULLFROG on your PC... run the config executable... and wait for the tests to finis... on a Pentium it will say you need a CPU Family speed since yours is 0!... on AMD... its FINE and you have more than enough speed... so the games run perfectly.

I also noticed a slight lag on Soldier of Fortune 2 with my pentium... and not with AMD (both 1.7 chips).
I think I already mentioned that the AMD cpus are better at gaming:
"An Athlon64 should be better than the P4 of the same speed rating, except in video processing."

The same applies for 32-bit AMDs.  Nothing wrong with choosing AMD if that is your main use, and they cost less also.  You DO need to buy a decent cooler, because stock coolers aren't good enough for them.
All in all, AMD favoring the lead in multimedia and arithmetic computation, and Intel performance in encoding/decoding, and with the Northwood core's better performance than the Prescott core in consideration...they are essentially equivalent except for price...AMD selling for about 25% less than the Intel.
So pay more or pay get the same...up to you now...T
Sounds like you already made up your mind.  Which computer got the most specs?

Either way 64 bit would be the way to go.  We all going to go that way soon.  Windows isn't a 64bit O/S yet.  though it will be.  Linux has 64 bit distro's out there.  Personally I like AMD over Intel.
I'm going to have to agree with what has already been said about the AMD 64 and the Intel chips, however, I'll lend my perspective on each.

You really need to start by asking yourself what kind of PC user are you? Do you game? Are you a multimedia user? Making a firm decision here to begin with is the most important, believe me, because you can wind up spending thousands of dollars on a PC where it would've been much easier and less-costly to simply go pick up a Playstation 2.

The AMD 64 is most certainly one of the best chips on the market today, and no one is arguing that. One major accomplishment it can show is how much better it can game than the Intel chip. So, if you're a gamer, then I would take a long hard look at the AMD 64. Not to mention that the AMD 64 will also support the future 64-bit software in the future, so all in all it's not a bad investment.

The Intel chips are just superb pieces of architecture too. Aside from the many benchmarks posted above, the Intel chip simply runs high-intensive multimedia programs better, in my opinion. I use Photoshop a lot AND game, so for me, the Intel P4EE 3.4GHz 800FSB with the 2mb of L3 cache is the best performer. Of course, the "Extreme Edition" is very expensive, so that would be considered extremely high-end (pardon the pun).

Finally, you need to tap into what your budget is going to be. Over 2000? Under 2000?

AMD is an unbelievable chip especially when you factor in cost, although the AMD 64s don't come cheap. But they're not the "EE"s from Intel either.

Bottom line is: what are you going to use the PC for and how much are you going to spend.

Both the AMD 64 and the Intel 3.0 in the DTK computer are fine chips (I'd lean toward the AMD 64 in this case though if you can afford it) and will serve you well in your computing needs.

Good luck.



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peritoXAuthor Commented:
thanks all,
first I program using Visual Stidio & Dreamweaver
I spent much time online, and I really hardly play games on my PC. so a PS2 wont help

Both computers you see up cost the same thing(very little difference) in fact the AMD PC costs 50$ more than the Intel PC (talking about these two PCs)

now, Im gonna ask the two sells of these PCs for a better price and see what should I buy, till now if the Intel PC has a good Motherboard, & buss speed and every other thing good I'll consider buying it more than AMD
simply b/c my current PC is Intel not AMD and it really is good. I dont wanna get AMD and fall in many problems, just continue to what I know....specially that Im gonna pay a lot
PC1 = Gamer machine
PC2 = Better at normal crap computer work.

I would suggest that you get PC2.
I would personally take PC1, but I play games on my computers.

My Personal System Specs -

My computer pics and specs on my personal website -

I always thought the pentium4's were best for

Not to mention your gaming fps is largely due to your video card...

here's an article on 3400 amd vs a Pentium 4 3.2.....should give you an idea of real world performance

Some more benchmarks...p4 and althlon have close gaming marks...

Also this has a price comparsion....fairly intresting....according to this the pentium 4 is cheaper for game performance...heh...kind of older but proves that the price gap is not really there anymore...
AMD - its cheaper and works great
But all kidding aside, AMD does have more issues. Lock up, Overheating, etc. Because poeple jack with the settings, and over clock them more.
AMD is ripping off HT technology as we speak and they have 64 bit aswell. Intel doesn't in a standard pIV. (in a server CPU yes)
AMD is the best of both worlds, HT and 64 bit.
So the AMD would have more Optimization technologies. But that can lead to more problems, which Is why I think they're a bit more twitchy.
I have an INTEL 3.2ghz But I had to make a choice. I don't regret it. Its pretty much Tomato TomAto.
Jay my P4 3.2 Has been running at 3.85 for over a year. Overvolted also. Jacking the settings will not shorten the life of a computer if it is done right BTW not an easy task alot involved to do it correctly. The reason I like my P4 better and I also have 3 different Athlon systems. HT it allows me to do many things at once without lag or locking up. I have some of the Fastest AMD systems on the planet also but when I burn a DVD and run Photoshop and edit a webpage I get a coaster on my AMDs not so with my P4. Also they all have a gig of memory or more so that is not the issue. Do not get mo wrong I love all my systems but for working and occasional gaming I find myself on the P4 most of the time.
Here are 2 of my Machines from a year ago these pics were taken. Intel on right Amd on Left.
peritoXAuthor Commented:
First Thanks to all who replied, since this is an opinion question I really dont know who to give points to....
sorry if you didnt get points but I dont have enough to give everyone.
I just gave to the person who had a really good post or who posted 3 times or more & showed that he is really intersted, and posted good stuff

I am sorry if I didnt give you points...
Thanks alot all
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