how to make a dynamic ip to work like a static ip?

I have cable internet through my Cable provider, right now they are giving me a dynamc ip address which does retain for 2weeks to 3months.  But how would I make this reachable when it changes so often?  What I'm trying to setup is a vpn tunnel, but I don't want to keep on changing the ip address each time my ip changes, is there a way to make this work?
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You can use something like WinIP or goto  Basically you can sign up for a Internet address such as and then use something like WinIP to update that information whenever it changes with the new IP.  Then you can use instead of using the IP address directly.  I think this is what you are trying to do.  Also many times if you keep your PC on all the time then it will renew and get the same address all the time.  I get a dynamic address but have had the same one for over a year as I never turn off my PC so it always renews it's lease with the DNCP server.

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Yes, bingo!!  This is exactly what I"m looking for.  Thank you.  :)
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