Coldfusion administrator Scheduler issue

I am going to do my best to describe what is going on here....
I created an app where a user can enter information so that they can receive reports generated by oracle report server at scheduled intervals.

The page i created looks at the database and determines if it should tell report server to run the report...if it should then i use cfexecute to launch an instance of IE on the webserver passing it the parameters it needs to fulfill the report reuest...after IE is triggered which in turn triggers the report server i send another command to kill the IE process.  I repeat this for the number of records in the table.

i then used the coldfusion administrator to schedule when this page runs...
now here is the problem.  The first record that it sees it does not create the report...I set it to create some logs so i can see what is going on and it says that the report is being created, but then on the page that emails te attachments out it cannot find the attachment because in fact it was never only does this for 1 or 2 records and then it works fine...

hard to picture what is going on here, but any helop would be appreciated...

one last note....If i MANUALLY hit the GO button in the scheduler ALL reports are generated fine...I even went as far as to schedule the pagfe to launch every 10 minutes and it worked fine, it just seems to flake out overnight.
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Have you checke dthe scheduler logs to make sur ethe cfschedule actually ran?
I have not found cfschedule to be especially reliable, if it's your own server you may want to consider setitng up a windows schedule to run your file instead, or ask the host if they will do this.

Russ Michaels
jduawaAuthor Commented:
it is in fact running, it just skips a few rows, i just set it up today to use MS scheduler i will know tomorrow if it wokred
Is the page being called by the schedule a coldfusion page?

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jduawaAuthor Commented:
yes it is...using microsoft task scheduler worked, not sure why CF's is so flaky...maybe it is better in version 6.1
I have actually seen thsi problem b4, but it was a long time ago so I do not even remember if I solved it.
At least using the windows scedhuler has given you a better solution though.
In past experience the CF scheduler has (or at least HAD) a problem if there there were two or more scheduled jobs ended up being scheduled so that their next execution were within a minute or so of each other then random jobs used to get dropped. My workaround when I had to do this was to carefully plan and "offset" the jobs, e.g. a nightly schedule may be at 12:02, a weekly at 12:04, and the "every 10 minutes" set to run at 12:00, 12:10, 12:20, etc etc.... It certainly was frustrating when my daily "midnight" or "2am" jobs only launched a couple of times a week because the "every few minutes" jobs knocked them out of the schedule...
jduawaAuthor Commented:
it wasnt the job that got dropped just rows of a query within the job, thanks for the input
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