Disk Controller or HD??

Posted on 2004-08-09
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
Hi everyone,

I've got a big problem. My HD is going crazy. I spent 3 weeks in vacation and when I powered up the computer this morning, everything went find. Then at 11am, my compter told me I had a disk controller error.  I checked the IDE and  power cables, everything was ok. I put another my HD into another computer to check if it was the problem and I got the same message at the boot screen : Disk Controller Error.  I tried to backup with Norton Ghost but no drives were detected. So I put my HD in slave mode and booted with a working HD. Everything went find until I tried to copy the most important documents from my bad disk to the good one. The computer freezed so I had to reboot.  I had another message at the boot screen : SMART drives detect imminante faillure.  So I rebooted again, then : No disk controller.  And now, the bad HD is making some strange sound. It sounded like if the arm went to park (sorry, in french we say "le bras se met sur park" ... so I don't know if its the exact translation) many times. Or like if a piece was sheaking, it was a very stange sound, like something hitting metal, don't really know how to explain it.  So, basically the disk don't boot and I can go in slave mode to save some important data.  Anyone know something I could try to get the disk working again?  Should I buy a IDE Controller? I'm completely lost, I just want to make a copy of my precious documents ...

Thanks in advance
Question by:metal4ever
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The hard drive has the Click Of Death.  There really isnt much you can do to fix it.  If you have the $$$, you can call a data recovery service to have them recover the data from the drives.

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by:Jeff Rodgers
ID: 11759021
You might be able to get it back temporarily by placing it in a sealed plastic bag and freezing it.  Sounds strange I am sure however the cold will cause the arm and disk to contract away from each other enough to get it to spin.   If it works copy your files to a good drive as quick as possible as it is only temporary.

Good Luck
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you could also try replacing the disk controller card on the drive, by buying the same disk (look for the same firmware also)
If it does not work, thereis really not much you can do

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I think there is nothing wrong with the controller, probably your disk's mechanical part is broken or damaged.
I'd recommend the following:
First try to recover data using data recovery software. (The idea of whatever rescued is advantage :) )
If it doesn't work, Jeff Rodger's method worked for me once. I sealed it with a plastic bag (the ones that has zip on it), and put it into deep fridge for 1 hour. After that I plugged the power and IDE cable, the sound was gone for about 20 minutes or so.
If these methods doesn't work you can take your HD to a technical service to see if they can help. One recommendation, don't open the Drive, probably you won't be able to put it together again.

Hope these helps..

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I've tried what you said and I was able to backup all the data I needed after I put the disk one hour into the freezer. It lasted an hour, so I didn't had time to do a complete backup with Norton Ghost but I was able to copy every single file that were important!

Big thanks to everybody who helped me!

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by:Jeff Rodgers
ID: 11812242
My freezer trick worked yet again... another testament to physics and old school computer technology!

Glad to hear it worked for you!
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ID: 11812309
Can somebody put me in the freezer?

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metal4ever, I'm glad you could save your data... Take care :)

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