Which Site Search Engine to Use

I need a web site search engine that will:

1. allow me to let users search per section (folder). So they can enter the search word and then select the section from the drop down.

2. Also allow users to select "All" to search all areas.

3. The results, if all was selected, should be grouped by section.

I was looking at pico search which does all this but #3. I cannot seem to find one that does #3.

If someone can point me to one that does, that would be great (and it does not have to be free).

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I think only script in my knowledge out there is PHPMySearch. I have been using it on my websites. You can choose folders which the engine will crawl, and best part is you can give them an option of searching within specific category. It will not exactly support your #3 requirement but it will let the user to change the search results by easily choosing the subfolder from the drop down menu. So let's say if your user wants to search "Free Scripts" on all of the site, on the search results page near the keyword the drop down menu will give the user option of changing folder (let's say instead of main, choosing PHP or ASP). Then your user will practically be able to filter the search results. If you play with it, it is also easy to add links to each subfolder within the search results page. But you have to modify it whenever you change your web site's folder structure.

Here's the link to its official website choose it from the left menu under Software after choosing English as language:

And here's the general information about the FREE PHPMySearch script:
phpMySearch, now in version 6.1.0 available, provides a search engine for your own, or for external web sites. phpMySearch provides the same full boolean search queries found in the 'big' search engines, e.g.: download +software or download OR software. It is also very easy to install and a guide will take you through all the steps you need to set it up for your web site. phpMySearch will be supported by most Internetproviders and is characterised by his simple installation. Simple installation For the installation you do not need programmer or web server knowledge. The complete installation needs about 5 minutes and all you will need is a FTP program and your favorite Browser (e.g. Netscape or IE). The configuration can be changed at any time through a browser control panel. Simple adjustment The visual design of the search results are easily customised to match the rest of your site by use of templates. It's a simple process to modify the templates with an HTML editor to make unique layouts. Extensive adminstration tool Owing to an extensive administration tool phpMySearch also can be adapted to your individual requirements. Configure the search and output according to your whishes - limits are hardly set to you. Complex search function Documents can be searched in * HTML, * PDF, * DOC, * XLS, * CGI, * PHP, * ASP * or TXT format. Outdated documents are detected automatically and deleted from the data base. Therefore only the most current information is displayed to your visitors. The Spider can also be implemented as Cronjob, so that your contents are kept automatic on the most current conditions. Compatibility to all usual operating systems and protocols phpMySearch runs reliably on Linux, UNIX and Windows operating systems, and supports all the usual protocols: * HTTP, * HTTPS, * FTP, * FTPS. phpMySearch can be deployed on either internet or intranet-based web sites. For each employment usable phpMySearch may be used privately free of charge and without restrictions as long as the copyright notice on phpMySearch at the end of the search output is preserved. Licenses for the commercial employment are available. Support licenses are available to help you with larger and more complex projects.

Good luck and let me know if you have further questions.
I tried to download PHPmysearch, but i cant find it anywhere on the web, does anyone knows where to download it or anyother search engine similar to this.
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