Server 2003 DHCP not working, probably easy question

I am having troble with the DHCP assigning an IP to my internal PCs.  I have set the scope however when I open up the admin tools and look at the server it says not connected.  When I click on it it then opens up and reads active, it still does not assign IPs though.  I am also trying to use DNS and WINS on the same PC.
The server has 2 nics.  One with an ip of and the other assigned by the isp.  I have internet connectivity on the server but non on the other PCs, I have NAT installed.  As a side note I had this all working a few days ago I think either the DNS or WINS has taken it out.  I have all the services assigned to the interface.  In routing and remote access I have NAT/Basic Firewall installed and it has a Wan and Lan interface intalled.  The lan has the box check for the internal network the Wan has the box checked for a public interface.  Under NAT/basic firewall  both DHCP allocator and DNS proxy info read message ignored on the first line.
I am sure this is something easy I am missing please let me know what you think it is before I buzz my PC out of the window.
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adamdrayerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

What do you mean it does not assign IPs?  you have another computer that is configured to receive IP addresses automatically, and it is not?  What does it say when you type "ipconfig /all" on this other computer?
Scouser007Author Commented:
Yes 3 other PCs are set up to receive an ip from the server.  On the other PCs I have seen two things they either have an automatic IP assigned to them (wrong network scheme and wrong subnet mask) or it will have  I have tried ipconfig /release and renew and it says there is a problem communicating with the dhcp server....
Scouser007Author Commented:
Could not wait any longer so I reinstalled server again and got the DHCP working now NAT will not work.
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Shouldn't have issued me points if I didn't help you.  Ask the administrator to take them back.
Scouser007Author Commented:
I issued points to you because you tried to help me and I appreciate your time.  Wheather or not you solved the problem is not always the point, I normally learn a great deal from the posts before I get the solution.  The other thing is that since the format I not longer has this problem and can not problem solve it so this thread would not be much help to anyone else.
Anyway take creait for taking the time to help us retarded fokes still trying to figure out bill gates.  I know all my problems are realted to him and him trying to sell me more operating systems.
hehehe.  Thanks. I do appreciate it.
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