No Keyboard on XP reinstall (enter product key)

I installed spy sweeper on an xp pro machine to remove
some adware that was bothering me. After the removal was
complete it asked to reboot my system.  After the reboot
i clicked on the user to login and when I hit any key (to
enter password) i then loose both my mouse and keyboard.
I tried safe mode reboot but same thing. It was
impossible to login.

So I attempted to do a windows repair install. However,
when i get to the part of the install that you enter your
CD product key when i hit the first key I then loose the
mouse and the keyboard again. So now it is impossible to
complete the install too.

One important note is that shortly before it gets to this
point in the install when it is "installing components"
the system looks for the file "djtopr1150.exe" & does
not find it. When I looked this file up i see that it is some
kind of hijacker file used by adware. I am wondering if this
has something to do with me loosing my mouse and keyboard.

Can anyone offer any help?

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can you get to the last known good
tap F8 during boot, and choose it from the menu
2hypemediaAuthor Commented:
I am way far from being to do that option.  I tried that right after i was unable to login in safe mode.  Now I am stuck at the end of an installation just before it goes to finalizing installation. It is asking for a product key and I cant enter one. (The mouse was working until i hit the first key then I loose both)

Also note that i have tried to do this reinstall several times switching keyboards, & mice. I even tried a usb mouse and keyboard and same problem. As soon as I hit any key for input i loose both the mouse and keyboard.
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did you use spyware removal tools in safe mode? Otherwise there may have been programs running and not able to be removed.
2hypemediaAuthor Commented:
I ran adware 6.0 then spybot and the pop ups were still there. Then i ran an ap called spyblaster. Spy blaster found  few things that the other (2) did not and said that there was stuff left in memory and it would remove them once the system rebooted.... when I rebooted... well you know what happened... so, my answer is no... i did not run the removal tools in safe mode because none of them told me to.

Be that as it may it makes no difference at this time because I can not even get to a login prompt at this time. I am stuck in a reinstallation where you enter the cd product key.

I was able to create a boot tools disk (Bart's PE Builder) which has given me a bunch of ultilities. I ran Mcaffe Stinger just to make sure there was no virus's and it was clean. I also searched the registery for any indication of that "djtopr1150.exe" file but nothing.  

With PE Builder I can pretty much do and search for anything. I saw the same intial problem I had (loosing there keyboard and mouse once clicking on the username to login) listed a few times in your database. However, each time the solution was to post the message in a different category and I see no solutions else where. I also see this problem listsed in numerous problems throughout google but again I see no fixes either.

Anyone with ideas?

Thanks again.
Just a guess, but you may have a boot virus that modifies the keyboard buffer.   I would get a floppy disk boot virus detector from an uninfected machine and run it on yours.  Some can completely disable the keyboard while in 'dos' mode as outlined in the first entry in this link:

This link is probably not your virus if you have one, but shows just how smart these things are.

The link below explains an unattended install which might help get you back on the machine if you can configure it to create a separate partition so that your previous os isn't overwritten.  I would pull the drive and place it on another computer and pull everything off of it that you need or go into the recovery console and pull everything off that way if possible, though possibility depends upon whether you have access to all folders, which is dependent upon whether you used the SET command while you were in the normal Windows mode.  If you didn't, then probably putting drive on another machine might be only option.  Just don't make it the boot drive or you'll end up infecting the other machine.  I would then run several different boot anti virus routines and then do a clean install.
This is for a new unattended install which will overwrite your data unless configured to install to a separate partition.
2hypemediaAuthor Commented:
Actually, I bit the bullet and did a paid support with microsoft. The problem was a corrupted userinit.sys file. They had me replace it with copy from another machine and the problem was fixed.
I suspect the spysweeper keyboard filter drive was disabled. Try booting the PC with out a keyboard then once you are in you may be able to get things working by using OSK(on screen keyboard) and the mouse.
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