What is a Catalyst?

What is a Catalyst?
Cisco's version of a Managed switch?
Cause that is what it looks like.
If not, what is the difference and if so, what advantages are with Cisco over Dell, if any?

Thanks in advance... Michael
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MarkDozierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Catalyst is Cisco's line of managed switches. There are a lot of differences.
Cisco is the market leader
Cisco makes for most uses a superior product
the Cisco IOS on current switches or the catalyst O/S on eariler switches provide and extremely broad range of software abilites making Cisco a very good switch.

The biggest differences between Dell gear and Cisco gear
Dell - new entry into switching market maket. Lacks the extensive software abilites of Cisco. this is not to say they are not good switches and for some purposes maybe a very cost effictive way to go.
Cisco - established, hgih quality, extensive software and hardware abilites, many models of swithces are modular configuration allowing you to change as your needs change.

that is my limited take on it.
You really should go to Dell.com and research thier ssiwtches
Go to Cisco.com and review their switches.
Go to the net and read reviews.
Form you own opinions. And have fun on the way.
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