CDRW Problem (Windows XP)


Windows XP

Acer CDRW 16X10X40

Usage History (Compatibility):

Succesfully used CDRW: Mitsubishi, Maxell
Failed CDRW: Emtec High Speed
Successfully used CDR: TDK Multispeed x48
Failed CDR: Imation
Others: PC Game CD installations failed 50% of the time thus I have to ditch them.
            I sure miss out on some of the hottest games including Grand Theft Auto because of
            installation failures which I suspect is related to the CDRW Drive.

After successfully using the TDK Multispeed x48 CDR (Silver?). I actually took the risk by buying a large box of TDK Multispeed CDRs (Gold - does not state speed). To my regret the investment failed. I just don't understand how the Gold CDR can fail when the Silver didn't?

Is it because of insufficient memory or incompatible speed? I have very low Hard Drive Memory as I have to save my MP3s etc in my Hard Drive due to CDRW failures.

When I try to copy files into my CDR I thought it worked fine until the completion stage where the error messge pops up.
It asks whether I want to eject the current CDR and use a different CDR/Delete the Temp files to be write/Save it to try again later. It also said the CDR maybe unusable after this.

I deleted the temp files. Well, the CDRW drive actually cannot detect the CDR when I try to use it again to write the same files for the second attempt. Why the drive cannot detect the CDR when it's actually inside remains a mystery to me. Tried the 'non-expert' way of ejecting and reloading the CDR in the Drive and not to mention booting and rebooting the PC but the problem remains.

The same thing occurs for the 2nd piece of Gold TDK CDR. I dare not try to use a third blank CDR because it might make it unusable too.

Hope this detailed log can supply you with the info to diagnose the problem.

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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Are you using the XP built in burning software or a third party solution like Nero?
tienchaiAuthor Commented:
I just use the XP built in burning software,
not external software like Nero.

What I did:
1) Select files, right click to send to CD
2) Message Balloon pops up in task bar, telling me there are files to be written to CD by  clicking on the pop up balloon message.
3) Clicks it and another window opens with the temp files to be written to CDR.
4) Click write these files to the CD in the left menu panel.
Anyway can the two blank TDK CDRs be saved after being put out of commission by my CDRW?
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You may need to update the firmware on the drive.  It's fairly common for optical drives to be unable to handle newer faster media.  I put a low end Memorex DVD burner on a friends computer and while it would burn DVD's to the new media, you couldn't view the contents of the disks.  In this  case, it happened to be Memorex media and they had an insert accompanying the DVD's that told about the firmware update.  If I were you, I would go to the drive manufacturer's website and search for and update,  FIRMWARE, not SOFTWARE.  Kinda like a BIOS update only not as dangerous.
According to the warning, maybe it is as dangerous as a bios flash.  I've never had any trouble though.
I'm not sure if you can write additional files to a CDR on XP's burner but I vaguely remember being able to.  Nero has an option to finalize the burn which will determine whether additional information can be burned to a CDR.  CDRW's can be reburned of course, but depending upon the media and burner, their dependability is iffy.  I've backed up data on CDRW's and then accessed it with no problem.  A week later, bad disk.  ???  Lot of variables in CDRW make it significantly less dependable than CDR in my experience.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
You can write additional files to a CDR as long as the writing software has not 'closed' the cd.  

Here is a decent list of problem resolution steps for burning:
Top CD Burning problems

tienchaiAuthor Commented:
I checked out the firmware site referred above but how to know which one to use?

My current firmware is C.GJ but when I search for acer 1610a cdrw many versions came up
e.g. C.FF, C.AF, C.GF etc.

More details pertaining my specs:

Firmware: G.CJ
Buffer Size: 2 MB
Slave: ATAPI CD-R/RW 16x10
DMA= off
Autorun = on

Anyway during writing to my CDR and CDRW the existing files in the media disappeared towards the end of the writing process except for the temporary file in the process of writing.


This page has an Acer firmware detection tool which might get you further down the road - I would definitely make sure you have the right upgrade before flashing.
I'll look some more.
Here's some updates and a tool at the bottom you can try.  I guess this BenQ outfit is associated with Acer somehow.  Personally, I don't like Acer.  I have one of their chipsets on my XP333 Iwill board and it sucks.  I would steer away from them in the future.  Let me know if you need more info but, as I mentioned, don't flash unless you have high confidence it's the right update and preferrably have seen some forum feedback on the success of same - the engineers draw this stuff up but the secretaries type it and no telling what happens in between.
Thanks for the points.  Hope you got it fixed.
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