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Router question... possibly firewal, Xserve trying to access remotely


So we are running a Macintosh X-serve at work.  I am temporarily in charge until we find some one new to be the PC guy.

The big boss, wants his mac as well as the xserve to be able to access them remotely.  I set up the macs and it all works inside the network, but when you go offsite and try to access it doesnt work.  ( I use AFP,  Go > connect to server)

we have a t1 behind a cisco 2600 router.  How do I set this up?

How do I connect to this router?  i tried typing the ip into a web browser but get a password prompt.  the password I recieved does not work, and it may not be correct.  if i were to reset the router, would it be very hard to set it back up? (since I am not sure if the password is right or not)

There is also a small tiny device, I think its a firewall.  its called a "snap gear" box.... sme-550 is the model number, I can recall.

Basicaly, what I want to know is what might be blocking the remote connection.... I think its the router....... but assurance?

Also, how do I connect to the router, and edit the settings.... if I have the wrong password, what would I need to set up with the router, if I were to re-set it....

thanks in advance, and I hope you big techies over here can help a guy out.... I really appreciate it!
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Well if you wipe the router configuration, and don't know Cisco, you will be in trouble... Okay that the first bit of advice.

The firewall is where you want to be...

You must log in to the firewall and open the ports for the MACs and enable port forwarding. Port 548 I believe.

To connect to the router, you need special cable.

Okay I hope this helps...

OK, first things first......

This really isn't that simple. For instance, you have lots of machines inside on your network? They all access the Internet through the Firewall and the router? First off, is the default gateway on one of the machines (PC macs or whatever) the router or the firewall? Hopefully you now have the IP address on the inside of the FW.... BUT

So, you are at home want to access a machine at the office so you type in the IP address you have from your ISP that you know your traffic comes out on at the office (the external IP on the router) . How does the router or firewall know which of the clients inside to pass that traffic to? It uses NAT or PAT and that's a whole other conversation. Basically, in your firewall you have a config that says any traffic arriving for a partaicular external IP is forwarded to a particular internal IP. Not enough time for this now, I'm going to miss my train. Later.....

activematxAuthor Commented:
Okay, I will check what you guys said later today at work.  I hope I dont have to mess with the router.  I will check the firewall.  Thanks so far.
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activematxAuthor Commented:
Okay, I found out the IP address.  It is on the router.  This is different from the 192.168....

I pretty much think.... I said think here, that I need to configure the firewall.  I dont know how to log in to it?  Any help?

How do I find out where my DHCP server is???  I dont think the service is running on the xserve....
activematxAuthor Commented:
I will be checking this forum every 10 minutes.  (for the next 4 hours).

Really need help.

so if anyone is here, please help... right now it is 5:00 PM (West Coast) time.  Thanks!
activematxAuthor Commented:
...Right now my biggest concern is trying to figure out the IP to my snap gear firewall.... I don't know it!
activematxAuthor Commented:
the default gateway appears to point to the firewall.

I type the firewall IP address into internet explorer, but it does not load up the page...

I can ping the IP of the firewall, and I can see what ports are open on it by doing a port scan.  Help?
activematxAuthor Commented:
I am not recieving the help I need here.  I am going to buy a cisco book, and do the router myself.  Topic pending for closing/refund of points
activematxAuthor Commented:
The solution to my problem:

I found out that both the router and the firewall were blocking the connections.  im going to need to do a reset on the router, since i dont have the password.  Setting up routers Im not to familar with so im purchasing a book to help me with this one.  The firewall also needs to be reset, since I dont know the password to this either.  "fun day"

Thanks for your help, but Im going to need these points for future questions.  Question not answered, refund please?
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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